GCC Equine Science


The equine industry has been rapidly growing in New Jersey, and specifically, our surrounding areas. The horse is the number one livestock commodity and the third largest agricultural product in the state, behind nursery and vegetable production. The horse industry in NJ generates $1.1 billion annually, an economic impact that is comparable to such widely recognized industries as landscaping, biotechnology, marine fisheries, and golf courses.  The NJ Department of Labor has listed animal systems as being in demand occupations in Gloucester County and all neighboring counties. The New Jersey horse industry generates 13,000 jobs with 7,200 equine operations in NJ.

This program provides students with instruction and practical experience in the management, nutrition, physiology and care of horses and a strong foundation in biology, chemistry, and business principles.  Gloucester County College has a strong commitment to the sciences with its state of the art labs facilities, research equipment and collaborations with outside facilities such as the Gloucester County DREAM Park.  Students work closely with University-trained faculty who have excelled in academia and industry.   All science courses consist of less than 24 students and the same instructor for lecture and laboratory.    

A major in equine science provides students with a broad curriculum in the sciences to prepare them for transfer into an animal science or equine science major at distinguished educational institutions such as grant partners Rutgers University, Cornell University and Delaware Valley College.  Students will also be prepared for immediate employment in the equine industry. 

Career Fields
• Veterinarian or veterinary assistants
• Farm manager
• Riding instructor or trainer
• Groom
• Advertising manager
• Equine editors, authors and journalists
• Academic researchers/professors
• Equine appraisers
• Company sales, marketing and product development
• Barn design
• Agribusiness
• Extension agent or specialist
• Reproductive specialists