Graduation Positioning Strategy (GPS)


GPS… Navigate your Path to Graduation!
Are you a returning college student who needs some extra support to reach your graduation goal?
Then, GPS may be able to help!


GPS students on campus

What is GPS?

Graduation Positioning Strategy (GPS) assists returning college students in developing a roadmap for completing their associate degree. Returning to college can be challenging and this program is designed to support returning students as they navigate a path to graduation!

How does GPS provide support to returning students?

To help GPS Scholars to successfully navigate their educational experience, all students will have access to the following support services:

  • Education Navigator: The Education Navigator is the key contact person who works with GPS Scholars to create personalized Navigation Plans. The Education Navigator helps GPS Scholars to access the services they need to be successful as returning college students.
  • Navigation Plan:  The Navigation Plan serves as a guide that specifies what courses the GPS Scholars will take each semester and includes a projected graduation date. Students work with the Education Navigator to develop Navigation Plans that meet their unique needs. 
    GPS Student Spotlight
    Dawn , GPS student
    After taking a brief hiatus from college, Dawn Richartz enrolled in GCC's GPS program and completed her associate degree in 2013. This fall, Dawn will return to the campus, this time as a GCC nursing student.

I’m a returning student and would like to meet with the Education Navigator to develop a roadmap to return to college. How do I schedule an appointment?

CALL: (856) 415-2197, option 1  
EMAIL: to schedule an appointment.

I’m not ready to return to college right now, but please keep me informed.
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