About GCC
College Overview: College Administration

Dr. Frederick Keating, President
Tel: 856-415-2100 • Fax: 856-468-1983
E-mail: fkeating@gccnj.edu

Dr. Linda A. Martin, Vice President, Academic Services
Tel: 856-415-2106 • Fax: 856-468-1983
E-mail: lmarti12@gccnj.edu

Dominick J. Burzichelli, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Tel: 856-415-2292 • Fax: 856-468-1983
E-mail: dburzichelli@gccnj.edu

Judith Atkinson, Vice President, Student Services
Tel:  856-415-2115 • Fax: 856-468-8498
E-mail: jatkinson@gccnj.edu

Almarie Jones, Executive Director, Diversity and Equity
Tel: 856-415-2154 Fax: 856-468-1983
Email: ajones@gccnj.edu

Elizabeth Hall, Executive Director, Financial Services
Tel:  856-415-2228 • Fax:  856-464-9668
E-mail: ehall@gccnj.edu

Danielle Morganti, Executive Director, Human Resources
Tel: 856-415-2113 • Fax 856-468-1983
E-mail: dmorganti@gccnj.edu

Eileen Shute, Executive Director, College Relations, Communications and Marketing (GCSSSD/GCIT Shared Services)
Tel: 856-415-2230
Email: eshute@gccnj.edu