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College Overview: College Policies

The College Policy Library is the official source for the policies governing the academic, administrative, financial, operational and business affairs of Gloucester County College. All employees, students and vendors are responsible to read, understand and comply with all College Policies.

The following is the current Policy Library for Gloucester County College:

The following are the current administrative procedures (formerly known as administrative rules and regulations) library:


These policies are new or have had major revisions within the last three months.


What is a policy?
A College policy is designed to ensure compliance and establish accountability of operating units and individuals affected by the policy.  A College policy is defined by all of the following criteria:

  • It has broad application throughout the College.
  • It helps ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, promotes operational efficiencies, enhances the College’s mission or reduces institutional risks.
  • The subject matter requires College board, president and executive review and approval for policy issuance and major changes.
  • Resources are available to enforce the policy.

What is the Policy Development Process?
View the Policy Development Process Flowchart.

What is an administrative procedure?
An administrative procedure, formerly known as an administrative rule and regulation, provides the guidelines to implement a policy and does not require board approval.

What is the role of the College Policy Office?
The College Policy Office maintains the policy library and assists in the development of new policies and the revision of existing policies that affect the College community. 


Meg Resue
Senior Executive Assistant, Institutional Compliance