About GCC
College Overview: Mission

Mission of the College
Gloucester County College is a center for learning that strives for academic excellence, supports the economic development of the community, and seeks to enhance the community’s quality of life through affordable, accessible programs and services in a safe and caring environment.

(Revised: August 3, 2011)

Core Values of the College
Gloucester County College respects the diversity of its student body and recognizes the worth and potential of each student. Therefore, the college affirms the following values and beliefs:

  • Commitment to Students
    Belief in the priority of providing the highest levels of learning, resources, and support services to enhance the intellectual and personal growth, and development of our students.

  • Commitment to Excellence in Education
    Belief in providing educational programs and student support services that combine academic rigor, up-to-date information, incorporation of the most effective strategies, and close assessment of learning outcomes to achieve excellence in learning.

  • Contribution to Community
    Recognition of the importance of enhancing the economic vitality and quality of life for all citizens of the community.

  • Commitment to Access and Diversity
    Belief that the college will actively seek to create the highest levels of access to programs and services for all students who may benefit and that the college’s employees and students represent the diversity of the community.

  • Commitment to Faculty and Staff
    Recognition of the importance and contribution of all individuals who collectively create a positive learning environment. All members of the college community should have the opportunity to enhance their potential for purposeful, gratifying and productive lives.
  • Quality Campus Environment
    Recognition of the importance of providing a work and learning environment that is characterized by integrity, clear communications, open exchange of ideas, involvement in decision making, and respect for all individuals.

Core Competencies
This list reflects the core competencies that are essential for all GCC graduates, but does not include all competencies that our graduates should possess.  Critical Thinking is embedded in all courses.

  1. Written Communication
    Students will communicate effectively in writing.
  2. Oral Communication
    Students will communicate effectively in speech.
  3. Quantitative Knowledge and Skills
    Students will use appropriate mathematical and statistical concepts and operations to interpret data and to solve problems.
  4. Scientific Knowledge and Reasoning
    Students will use the scientific method of inquiry, through the acquisition of scientific knowledge.
  5. Technological Competency/Information Literacy
    Students will use computer systems or other appropriate forms of technology to achieve educational and personal goals.
  6. Society and Human Behavior
    Students will use social science theories and concepts to analyze human behavior and social and political institutions and to act as responsible citizens.
  7. Humanistic Perspective
    Students will analyze works in the fields of art, history, music, or theater; literature; philosophy and/or religious studies; and/or will gain competence in the use of a foreign language.
  8. Historical Perspective
    Students will understand historical events and movements in World, Western, non-Western or American societies and assess their subsequent significance.
  9. Global and Cultural Awareness
    Students will understand the importance of a global perspective and culturally diverse peoples.
  10. Ethical Reasoning and Action
    Students will understand ethical issues and situations.
  11. Teamwork
    Students will work collaboratively with others to solve problems efficiently and effectively.
  12. Personal Skills
    Students will understand the individual’s responsibility for learning and for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

(Adopted: 5/10/2007; Revised: 3/12/11)