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The main number for Gloucester County College is: 856-468-5000.

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Please note:  Extension numbers with the 2100 and 2200 series can be reached directly by dialing 415-XXXX; 6200 to 6299 can be reached by dialing 681-XXXX OR by dialing the main college number 468-5000 and the extension number. All extension numbers within 5500, 6300 thru 6700 series can be reached only by dialing the main college number and the extension number.

(Alphabetical by Name)

Jackie Abrams Act Center 5204
Amran Abdullahi Student Development/Information Center [SS] 6624
Samira Abdur-Rahman EOF [IC] 6237
Linda Acerbo Continuing Education—HIT Grant [CEC] 5526
Eileen Adezio People In Transition [CC] 2222
Kim Alexander Youth One-Stop Program [CS] 6449
Emily Allen Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2162
Scott Alscher Facilities [FAC] 6370
Loretta Anthony Student Services [CC] 2103
Helen Antonucci Senior Corps [IC] 6438
Joseph Arcaini Facilities [FAC] 6370
Carol Atkinson Library Technical Services [LIB] 2259
Judith Atkinson Student Services [SS] 2115
Steve Awalt Financial Services [CC] 2274
Paul Babcock Safety & Security Sergeant [SAF] 6233
Dr. Sylvia Baer Liberal Arts [CC] 2133
Krishna Basu Child Care Center [ECEC] 2235
Sarah Baxter Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2170
Beth Beecroft Instructional Technology [IC] 6458
Mary R. Benedetti Safety, Security & Facilities [CC] 6210/“0”
Chloe Benson LRC/Testing Center [LRC] 2268
Darlene Berger Cooperative Education 2168
Carol Berk Academic Services [CC] 2104
Jean Bingham Continuing Education/GED Program [CEC] 6227
Patricia Blackman-Hill Nursing & Allied Health [HS] 2186
Jesse Blake Continuing Education/Adult Basic program [CEC] 6224
Ed Blaetz Ford ASSET [GCIT] 468-1445 Ext. 2210
Susan Bodman Nursing & Allied Health [HS] 2187
Sherry Bohl College Services [CS] 6358
Christine Bork Paralegal Coordinator [CC] 2150
Gianna Bowler Institutional Research [CC] 6201
Elizabeth Brady Financial Aid [SS] 6630
June Bretz Volunteer Center of South Jersey [IC] 6261
Michelle Briles Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2142
Terry Briody Facilities [FAC] 6370
Birdena Brookins Liberal Arts [CC] 2120
Allen Brown Facilities [FAC] 6370
Patricia Brown Continuing Education [CEC] 6213
Richard Brown Advising [SS] 2205
Tiffany Brown Human Resources [CC]


Michele Burger Continuing Ed./GED Program [CEC] 6342
Carlos A. Burke Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2161
Jeffrey Burns Student Development 2102
Dominick Burzichelli College Operations [CC] 2292
Gregory Buthusiem Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2175
Jacqueline Butler Records/Student Data [SS] 6293
Bryan Buttler Liberal Arts [CC] 2117
Namorah Gayle Byrd Liberal Arts [CC] 2123
Debbie Caizza Barnes & Noble Bookstore [BS] 2234
Linda Canonica Nursing & Allied Health [HS] 2183
Thomas Capaccio Safety & Security  [SAF] 6287
Michelle Capanas Business Office [SS] 6605
Jean Capizzi Safety Program – BIT Center [CEC] 5506
Felicia Carroll Continuing Education[CEC] 2216
Marna Carlton Human Resources [CC] 2112
Ronald Case HPER/Athletic Director [PEC] 2257
Jason Caulley Facilities [FAC] 6370
Donna Cavallaro Testing Center [LRC] 2268
Amanda Chandler Student Life [CC] 6343
Michael Chando Financial Aid, FA/Veterans Affairs [SS] 2282
Laura Charboneau Allied Health and Nursing [HS] 2178
Lisa Charon Institutional Research [CC] 6253
Leo Chow Business [CC] 2148
Patricia Claghorn Business Studies [CC] 5504
Dr. Lemuel B. Clark Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2146
Annette Clifford President’s Office [CC] 2109
Beverly Coates Student Special Needs [IC] 2265
David Coates Instructional Technology [IC] 2261
Thomas Cokos Facilities [FAC] 6370
Joseph Colasante Business Studies [CC] 2152
David Comfort Web & Portal Systems [IC] 2246
Dr. Dawn Conley Liberal Arts [CC] 2118
Dennis Cook Student Special Needs Services [IC] 2281
Brent Corbin Informational Operations Clerk [CS] 6357
Dyron Corley Counseling Advisor [SS] 2203
Theresa Covello Nursing & Allied Health [HS] 6247
Jane Crocker Library [LIB] 2250
Connie Dale Library [LIB] 2258
Richard Dale Safety and Security [SAF] 6287
Barun Dandapat Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2159
Joseph D'Argenio Liberal Arts [CC] 6222
Randee Davidson Career Services, CAP Center [CC] 464-5229
Robert Dazlich Open Computer Lab (Room 438) [IC] 6431
Linda DeFelice Liberal Arts [CC] 2129
Dr. Jessica DeGraff Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2167
Ronald DelPiano Facilities [FAC] 6370
Christina Denney College Services [CS] 2202
Steve DePasquale Athletics/Women’s Softball [PEC] 6612
Ferne DeSimone Community Service Corps (RSVP) Office [IC] 6439
Marion Destralo-Caporusso Nursing & Allied Health [HS] 2193
Dr. William DeTora Liberal Arts [CC] 2296
Diana DeVault Instructional Technology [IC] 2286
K. Mike Dickson HPER/Baseball Coach [PEC] 2213
Margaret DiPatri Admissions [SS] 2269
Bunny Dougherty Liberal Arts [CC] 2140
Chara (Badger) Doyle Liberal Arts [CC] 2126
Nicole Duncan Liberal Arts [CC] 2137
Karen Durkin Institutional Research/Assessment [CC] 2284
Kathleen Ellis-Foultz Financial Aid [SS] 6364
Candice Elsesser EOF 2208
MaryAnn Everline Facilities [FAC] 2201
Kelly E’We Financial Aid [SS] 6208
Kathy Falzone Open Computer Lab (Room 438) [IC] 6431
Joyce Feder ACT Center (Rm 425) [IC] 468-1445, 2107
Julie Fishburn Fitness Center [PEC] 6422
Anna Fitzpatrick Business Studies [CC] 2143/6345
Stephanie Fordyce Cashier’s Office [SS] 2237
Courtney Fox Advising [SS] 6251
Michael Fox Technical Support Desk   [IC] 2285
Vicky Franks-Hogan Rowan University Center [CC] 5237
John Fresne Law and Justice [LJC] 6389
Jeffrey Frye Network Center [CC] 6265
Lillian Gaitan Testing Services Center [LRC] 2268
Vicki Gall College Relations, Communications & Marketing [CC] 6496
Gina Galosi Nursing & Allied Health [HS] 2194
Denise Gerace Nursing/Allied Health [HS] 2179
Terri Germano Financial Aid [SS] 2219
Joseph Getsinger Safety & Security [LIB] 6209
Mark Getsinger Safety & Security [CC] 6287
Michael Getsinger Facilities, Maintenance [FAC] 6370
Walter Gholson Counseling Advisor [SS] 2215
Edward Gillies Facilities, Maintenance [FAC] 6370
Diane Gilson Chemistry Lab [SH] 6738
Dr. Susan Glenn Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2164
Harry Glenz Community Service Corps (RSVP) Office [IC] 6439
Laueren Godwin Representative, Wilmington University 464-5231
Fred Gogel Barnes & Noble Bookstore [BS] 2249
Michael Gotthold Network Management [CC] 2288
Paul Grasso Maintenance and New Construction [FAC] 2231
Yvonne Greenbaun   2138
Elizabeth Griffin High School Liaison [CC] 6330
Dr. Louis Gross Liberal Arts [CC] 2132
Rose Gruber Liberal Arts [CC] 2134
Beth Hall Financial Services [CC] 2228
Susan Hall Nursing & Allied Health [HS] 2185
Rosalie Hamilton Testing Center 2268
Vaughn Hampton Instructional Technology [IC] 2290
Robert Hanke Safety & Security [SAF] 6287
Diane Hare Student Life Office [CC] 2236
Charles Harkins Liberal Arts [CC] 6229
Regina Harrison Continuing Education/GED Program [CC] 5527
Nancy Hawn People In Transition [CC] 2256
Carol Henzy    
Chris Herz Library [LIB] 2253
Robert Hill Fire Academy [FIR] 423-4127-ext.11
Thelma Hill Advising [SS] 2204
Patricia Hirsekorn Library [LIB]  2251
Sandra Hoffman Admissions [SS] 2220
Annette Hughes Business Safety Program [CEC] 415-7414, Opt. 2 or 5505
Ryan Hughes Athletics/M-W XCountry/Track & Field Coach [PEC] 6336
Mary Hurlburt Library [LIB] 2240
Lisa Iannuzzi BIT Center [CEC] 415-7414 or 5509
Donna Jenkins Nursing & Allied Health [HS] 2182
Tanya Johnson Counseling Advisor [SS] 6205
Jessica Jolly Liberal Arts [CC] 2124
Almarie Jones Executive Director, Diversity & Equity [CC] 2154
Lori Joyce Liberal Arts [CC] 2121
Dr. Frederick Keating President [CC] 2100
Anna Kehnast Library Serials/User Services [LIB] 2254
Michael Keith Nursing & Allied Health [HS] 2195
Lynn Kindrachuk Fitness/Wellness Center [PEC] 6339/6422
Eoin Kinnarney Liberal Arts [CC] 2122
Lorraine Kirby Community Service Corps (RSVP) Office [IC] 6439
Sheryl Klein Student Services [SS] 6246
Brittany Kouroupos-Bogan Admissions Recruiter [SS] 6295
Carthornia Kouroupos Business Studies [CC] 2157
Gary Kuehnapfel  Open Computer Lab (Room 438) [IC] 6431
Joan Kuhar Training/Safety Compliance [CC] 2111
Christina Kulisek Admissions [SS] 6273
Maria Kunkle Admissions/Recruitment [SS] 6474
Dr. Edward LaBelle Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2169
Jeanne LaBuz People In Transition [CC] 2264
Dr. Lois Lawson-Briddell Undecided Majors [CC] 2243
Adrienne Lawton Financial Services—Accounts Payable [CC] 6296
Kathleen Leader Veteran’s Affairs [SS] 464-5239
Sandra LeDonne Gloucester County Police Academy [FC] 6491
Michael Lemon Facilities [FAC] 6370
Dr. William Leonard Liberal Arts[CC] 464- 5235
Bryan Lester Facilities [FAC] 6370
Cheryl Lewis Financial Services [CC] 2223
Katie Livingston Educational Foundations [CC] 2158
Dennis Lloyd Business Studies [CC] 2147
Nayibe Lopez Network Management [IC] 4363
Robert Lore Network Management [CC] 6238
Patricia Lowe Library [LIB] 2252
Karen Lucas Student Scholarships [SS] 2105
Carlos Lugo Network Management [CC] 6230
Kathy Mace Nursing & Allied Health [HS] 2196
Josh MacFerren Facilities, Maintenance [FAC] 6370
Diane Macris Cultural/Heritage Commission [CC] 464-5214
Susan MacWilliams Enrollment Services [SS] 6634
Fred H. Madden Law & Justice [FC] 2272
Allen Magid Continuing Education [CEC] 5503
Betty Magjuka Educational Foundations [CC] 2165
Mary Malinconico Computer Graphics Arts [CC] 2291
Kathleen Malloy College Relations, Communications & Marketing [CC] 6495
Joseph Manganello Liberal Arts [CC] 2127
Eileen Mantici Financial Aid [SS] 6203
Chris Martin Athletics/Men’s Basketball [PEC] 2207
Dr. Geraldine S. Martin Liberal Arts [HS] 2189
Dr. Linda A. Martin Academics [CC] 2106
Kenneth Mattison Network [CC] 2287
Dan McAteer Biology Lab [SH] 6730
Cheryl McBride Student Life [CC] 6456/2236
Raymond McCann Facilities, Grounds [FAC] 6370
Mike McConville Athletics/Wrestling [PEC] 2214
Thomas McCormack Business Studies [CC] 2144
Daniel McCormick Instructional Technology [IC] 2241
Kathy McKenna Student Development [SS] 6271
Carol Meglio-Lentz Tutoring Services [LRC] 2248
Mary Mishler Nursing & Allied Health [HS] 2184
Timothy Mitcham Facilities [FAC] 6370
John Moore College Services [CS] 6244
Dr. Michael Morelli Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2160
Lauren Morgan Athletics/HPER [PEC] 2206
Danielle Morganti Human Resources [CC] 2113
Janet Morris  Facilities, Maintenance [FAC] 6370
Edward Morrison Facilities [FAC] 6370
Carolyn Mosley   6215
Patricia Mostovlyan Accounts Payable [CC] 2225
Della Myers Nursing & Allied Health [HS] 2179
Nancy Nace Community Service Corp (RSVP) [IC] 6439
Oron Nahom Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2177
Dr. Christina Nase Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2176
Teresa Nate Advising [SS] 6473
Ali Navvab Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2172
Barbara Nienstedt- McCormack Curriculum & Instruction [CC] 2171
Susan Nikkels College Center [CC] 2107
Jennifer Novzen Youth One-Stop Program [CS] 4305
Richard O’Neill Facilities [FAC] 6370
John Ortiz Career Academic Planning (CAP Center) [CC] 2198
Raymond Page Development/Foundation/Alumni Relations [CC] 6202
Kimberly Pandolph Testing Center [LRC] 2268
Lois Passalaqua Facilities [FAC] 6370
Keesha Patterson Liberal Arts [CC] 2128
Dr. Natalka Pavlovsky Liberal Arts [CC] 2130
Michael Pawela Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2151
Rose Ann Pekala Representative, Fairleigh Dickinson University 464-5233
Wendy Perry-Venable Continuing Education [CEC] 5502
Valeria Petrany Science Lab [SH] 6231/6730
Josh Piddington Technology [IC] 2270
John Pidgeon Institutional Research/Assessment [CC] 2260
Audreen Pittman EOF/Outreach [IC] 2278
Michael Plagianakos Rowan University Center [CC] 5230
Dr. Robert Powell Business Studies [CC] 2149
Sherri Pratt Financial Services [SS] 2280
Janet Quinn   6605
Deborah Rabottino Child Care Center [ECEC] 2235
Carmella Ramey ACT Center [CS] 4303
Sheryl Ratcliffe EOF Recruiter [IC] 6365
Dorothy Reidenbaker Facilities [FAC] 6370
Meg Resue Institutional Compliance[CC] 2101
George Rey Advising [SS] 2221
Kimberly Rice Career Academic Planning [CC] 5228
Dr. Brenden Rickards Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2279
Jackie Rizzo Student Special Needs Services [IC] 6303
Paul Roach Financial Aid 2212
Alycia Robertson Student Records [SS] 6356
Shannon Robinson Biology Lab [SH] 6730
Laurie Rohrman Nursing & Allied Health [HS] 2191
Gina Rongione-D’Argenio Liberal Arts [CC] 681-6216
Carmela Rosolia Microbiology Lab [SH] 6733
Dr. Robert D. Rossi Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2267
Michael Rossini Admissions & Recruitment [SS] 6476
Anna Roth Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2174
Linda Roth Liberal Arts [CC] 681-6217
Ken Rothfuss Student Sucess Center [LRC] 2289
Susan Rothfuss Law and Justice [LJC] 2266
Brian Rowan Athletics [PEC] 2263
Paul Rufino Liberal Arts [CC] 2173
Dominic Russo Facilities [FAC] 6370
Megan Ruttler Admissions/Recruitment [SS]
Athletics/Women’s Soccer
Henry Ryder Business Studies [CC] 2145
Erika Salminen Student Assistance Center [CC] 5234
Brigette Satchell Continuing Education [CC] 6226
Diane Saunders Nursing & Allied Health [HS] 2180
Kathie Scaffidi Testing Services [LRC] 2262
H. David Schleicher Liberal Arts [CC] 2125
Denise Schmidt-Simon Fire Academy [FIR] 423-4127 ext.10
Leanne Schoening- Lynch Athletics/HPER [PEC] 2207
Marge Schoening Library [LIB] 2239
AnaMaria Schultz Financial Services [SS] 6236
Sharon Scott Facilities [FAC] 6370
James Sentell Police Academy Coordinator [FC] 2244
Laura J. Sharkey Nursing & Allied Health [HS] 2196
Daniel Sharper Safety & Security [SAF] 6287
Caren Sheppard Human Resources [CC] 2114
Eileen Shute College Relations, Communications & Marketing [CC] 2230
H. Joel Silverman Instructional Technology [LIB] 2242
Jeffrey Silvestri Ford ASSET [GCIT] 468-1445 Ext. 2210
Karen Sitarski President's Office & Board of Trustees [CC] 2110
Irena Skot Academic Services [CC] 6279
Kris Skutnik Liberal Arts [CC] 2140
Athena Slaton Erollment Services 6278
James Sloan Business Studies [CC] 2153
Alan L. Smith Athletics/Men’s Soccer [PEC] 6377
Timothy (TJ) Smith College Services [CS] 6358
Roxanne Somers Development CC] 6211
Ellise Spaulding Athletic [PEC] 6442
Laura Spencer College Relations, Communications & Marketing [CC] 6498
Andrea Stanton College Relations, Communications & Marketing [CC] 2229
Marcela Stein-Savelski Liberal Art [CC] 2131
Donald Stetter Barnes & Noble Bookstore [BS] 2249
Rae Lynn Stevenson Student Assistance Center [CC] 5236
Patricia Stewart ACT Center [CS] 4307
Dr. Carole Subotich Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2163
Amy Sumek Child Care Center [ECEC] 2235
Jill Swirsky Institutional Research [CC] 6305
Karen Szumowski ACT Center [CS] 4306
Barbara Taylor Nursing & Allied Health [HS] 2192
Eleanor Ternay Standardized Testing Services [LRC] 6249/2268
Robin Theurer Student Records [SS] 6471
Lathosa Thomas Continuing Education [CEC] 5501
David Thompson Buildings and Grounds [FAC] 6370
Nancy Thompson Human Resources--Payroll [CC] 2227
Daniel Thornton Facilities [FAC]  6370
Diana Trace Institutional Research [CC] 6252
Holly Turk Student Records [SS] 6288
Barbara Turner Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2297
Genevieve Turner Nursing & Allied Health [HS] 2181
Sandy Uhr Youth One-Stop Program [CS] 6841
Margie Vacchiano Human Resources [CC] 2112
Samantha Van Kooy Student Affairs [SS] 2276
David Vogel Facilities—Grounds 6370
Barbara Walker ABE Counselor/Instructor [CC] 384-3728
Teneisha Walker Facilities [FAC] 6370
Vic Wang Representative, University of Maryland 464-5238
Donna Wark Facilities [FAC] 6370
Carol Weinhardt Student Special Needs Services [IC] 2247
Susan Weiss College Relations, Communications & Marketing [CC] 2211
Ryan Wenzel  Bursar’s Office [SS] 6615
Teddy Westervelt Faculty Office – Team C (STEM) [CC] 2156
Chris White Technical Support Desk [IC] 6504
Shannon White Student Assistance Center [CC] 6240
Kristen Whyte Student Services [SS] 6272
Joshua Wickman Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2166
MaryAnn Widen Foundation [CC] 6632
Terry Williams Technical Support Desk [IC] 6378
Jennifer Wilson Continuing Education[CEC] 2217
Jacqueline Wyatt Facilities [FAC] 6370
Matthew Wyatt Facilities, Maintenance [FAC] 6370
Jennifer Yager  Instructional Technology [IC] 6457
Margie Yahrling Cashier's Office [SS] 6290
Kevin Yang Network Management [IC] 4360