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Nursing Program Accreditation History and Current Status
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Nursing Program Mission
The Gloucester County College Division of Nursing is committed to educating competent, ethical and caring nurses.  This mission is accomplished by engaging in continual assessment of the community, the changing health care environment, and the diverse student population.  Based on this assessment, a dynamic student-centered learning environment is created that supports academic and community relationships and facilitates professional nursing practice and lifelong learning.

Nursing Program Philosophy
The faculty of the Nursing Division of Gloucester County College believes Nursing education and Nursing practice focus on the promotion, restoration, and maintenance of health for clients and their relationships in a family, group, or community.  We hold the following beliefs about person, environment, health, nursing and the teaching/learning process.  These beliefs are congruent with the Mission of the College and the Division of Nursing and serve as a foundation for curriculum design and implementation.

Nursing Program Outcomes

  1. Graduates indicate achievement of Nursing Educational Outcomes at a minimum of 75% on the Graduate Survey.
  2. Graduates report satisfaction with the program of learning at a minimum of 75% on the Graduate Survey.
  3. Students complete the Nursing Program within three (3) years at a minimum of 50%.
  4. The nursing Program aggregate NCLEX-RN pass rate is a minimum of 75%.
  5. Graduates seeking employment report job placement in healthcare at a minimum of 70% on the Graduate Survey.
  6. Graduates express intent to continue formal education in pursuit of higher nursing degrees at a rate of 25% as indicated on the Graduate Survey.
  7. Graduates report participation in one or more continuing education programs within six months of graduation at a minimum of 75% as indicated on the Graduate Survey.
  8. Employers report satisfaction with the performance of Nursing Program graduates at a rate of 75% on the employer Survey.

Nursing Educational Outcomes
Graduates of the Nursing Program will:

  1. Implement holistic care with diverse individuals across the lifespan.
  2. Evaluate therapeutic nursing interventions using evidence-based outcomes.
  3. Demonstrate critical thinking when assessing situations, solving problems, and making decisions.
  4. Utilize professional communication skills when interacting and collaborating with members of the interdisciplinary health care team and clients.
  5. Integrate legal and ethical concepts into the practice of nursing.
  6. Engage in professional development and lifelong learning.


Organizing Framework

Nursing Organizing Framework