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All Gloucester County College (GCC) Student Policies apply to these courses and can be found in the current GCC College Catalog and on the GCC Portal.  In addition, it is highly recommended that students review the Student Rights and Responsibilities Policies, comprised of approved GCC Board of Trustees Policies, which are located in both the GCC College Catalog and the GCC Student Handbook.

Students attain maximum academic benefit through regular class attendance. Nothing else has yet been discovered to replace in value the daily, cumulative, educational growth that results from regular participation in class. This is especially true where ideas, concepts, points of view, social development, poise, confidence, knowledge and success derive from the interaction of students and faculty.

Therefore, students are expected to attend all class sessions for which they are scheduled. The effect of absences on student grades will be determined by each instructor, consistent with his or her stated policy provided in course outlines.

NP* (No Progress):  A student who does not successfully complete an Educational Foundations course and who misses 20% or more of the scheduled class time in a semester will be assigned a grade of NP (No Progress) as a final grade at the end of the semester.

A student wishing to withdraw from a course or from the College should go to the Information Center in the Student Services building to begin withdrawal procedures prior to the announced end of the withdrawal period (the end of the 10th week of a regular semester or two-thirds through shorter semesters).  A student who officially withdraws from a course will receive a “W” grade, which will not affect the student’s GPA, but will affect the quantitative standard.  Withdrawal is not permitted after the withdrawal period ends.  Withdrawal dates are posted at

If a student registered for a course and never attended the class this will result in the final grade of NA (Never Attended).  Students that receive a grade of NA will have their financial awards adjusted. Financial aid funds cannot pay for courses where a student is reported as Never Attending. If a student feels that the NA grade was reported incorrectly, the student must contact the professor to have the grade changed according to Student Records procedures.

A student who has received a grade of “I” (incomplete) will receive an incomplete for that course. The incomplete course must be finished by the end of the next semester. The grade of “I” will affect the student’s quantitative progress. Incomplete grades that are not completed will change to an “F” and will affect both the quantitative and qualitative progress.

If a student wishes to attend a class regularly but does not wish to receive a grade or credit, the student may choose to audit the course.  The student must first register for the course, pay the tuition and any fees and then switch to audit status.  Audits are not accepted unless an Audit form is completed by the student and course instructor and approved by the Director of Advising.  All audit enrollments must occur during the first half of a semester or its equivalent.  Once the auditor is enrolled, the course cannot be changed to credit. The instructor will determine the conditions of the audit to which the student must adhere in order to receive an “R” grade, signifying successful completion of the audit.  If the student fails to meet the conditions, a “W” will be assigned, signifying audit withdrawal.  Audit forms are available at the Information Center in the Student Services building.  Audited courses are not eligible for financial aid.  Audited grades are not counted in the quantitative or qualitative calculations.


TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE (formerly known as the Help Desk) provides assistance with network and portal login along with campus computer hardware and software use.


GCC’s eLearning course management system is Blackboard.  Before logging onto eLearning, students are strongly encouraged to review the Technical Requirements, particularly the support browser information, as well as the Information Technology (IT) Policy.

ACCESSIBILITY:  Blackboard explains that it “is committed to ensuring that our e-Education platform is usable and accessible. To fulfill this promise we are continually auditing our code and user interface design techniques to ensure that our applications are usable by everyone, to the greatest extent possible, regardless of age, ability, or situation.  Blackboard measures and evaluates accessibility levels using two sets of standards: Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act issued from the United States federal government and the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) issued by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).” 

TESTING SERVICES:  The Testing Center is located in LRC 608 above the College Bookstore.  The center provides make-up testing, distance learning and outside testing.  You are required to make arrangements with your instructor to make up a test.  Any student who comes to testing must have a valid photo ID and know his/her instructor’s name.  NOTE:  Cell phones are to be left in the car.

TUTORING SERVICES – is located in LRC601 and LRC602 above the College Bookstore.  Tutoring offers FREE services for students seeking assistance in most subjects

LIBRARY:  The GCC Library provides a wide range of materials and services to promote student learning and faculty instruction in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.  Over 30 computers are available for students to use for research purposes.  Your GCC library card also serves as your student ID. 

COMPUTER LAB:  The Open Lab in IC438 provides over 50 computers for student use.  Students must show their GCC student ID to access these computers. 

SPECIAL SERVICES DEPARTMENTThe Department of Special Services provides academic support to GCC students who have a documented disability and can be contacted at (856) 415-2265. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 prohibit discrimination on the basis of disability. The Department of Special Services ensures GCC students receive appropriate accommodations which allow for academic success.

STUDENT ASSISTANCE CENTER:  The Student Assistance Center, located on the second floor of the College Center (CC 200) and near the CAP Center, provides private and confidential short-term solution focused counseling to enrolled GCC students, free of charge.  The services students receive are based upon a professional determination of their needs and goals.  Solution focused counseling usually involves an initial assessment and several sessions to address behavioral health needs, discuss difficulties, and, if necessary, referrals to campus and/or community services in order to manage additional needs and goals

SERVICES FOR STUDENTS WHO SPEAK ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE:  The GCC Continuing Education Division offers English as a Second Language classes for adults who want to learn and adapt themselves to American language and culture.  Special emphasis is placed on improving communication skills in the areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Additionally, GCC offers academic opportunities through ESL and International Student Services to students who speak English as a second language and/or who have completed their elementary and secondary education in other countries.

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