How do I contact my professor?
A list of Business Studies faculty members can be found at:

Your professor's contact information is also listed on the Syllabus, which was given out on the first day of class.

If I am having a problem with a class, who can I speak to about my problem?
First, you should speak with your professor about any problems you are having in a class. If the professor does not provide help, you may contact the Dean of Business Studies, Patricia Claghorn – .

If I am having problems in my life and need help dealing with these issues, is there help on campus?
Yes, GCC has a Student Assistance Center (SAC) located on the second floor of the College Center Building in Room 200. The center provides a variety of services, including walk in consultations. For more information, visit the SAC web site at:

Where can I find information about on-campus activities?
GCC has a wide range of student clubs and activities through our Student Life/Activities department.  If you are a Business Major, you may want to pursue DECA - For more information, please visit:

Where are the open computer labs and when is the lab open?
For Open lab locations and hours, please visit:

How do I register for a class?
If you have less than 18 credits, you will need to meet with your advisor in Student Services.  To find your advisor visit:

If you have more than 18 credits, you can use the GCC Portal Self Serv area to register. If you need assistance, please see your advisor.

Who is my advisor?
To find your advisor is, please visit:

If I need to get paperwork signed, where is the Dean’s Office?
The Dean of Business Studies is Patricia Claghorn.  Her office is located in the College Center.

I am struggling with a class and need a tutor. Where do I go for tutoring?
GCC offers a full service tutoring center free of charge to all students. Please visit the Tutoring Center web page at:

I want to get more involved in the Business Club, DECA.  How to I join and when are the meetings?
DECA is a club which allows students to develop and apply everyday business skills in a competitive environment.  Meetings are held every Thursday from 2-3 pm in the Student Life Mini-Center.  For more information contact Advisor, Julie Marzano, at  Visit us on Facebook.

I need a class but it is not being offered and I want to graduate.  What can I do?
Please see your advisor in Student Services or see the Dean of Business Studies.

Are there scholarships available for Business Studies Majors?
Yes – there are many scholarships available.  Please visit the Scholarship web page at:


University Partnerships:
Neuman University
Rowan University
Wilmington University
Business Advisory Committees: