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An effective resume must make a good first impression. Of course, appearance is important. Typos and crumpled paper do not go over well with prospective employers.
But content is even more crucial. The information in your effective resume needs to be well organized, easy to read and results-oriented.

  • Address the employer’s needs. Think back to Ted’s yellow pages ad. You called him because he convinced you that he could solve your particular problem. Employers hire people who can fill specific needs. Communicate that you are that person.
  • Show the employer how he/she will benefit. Stress your accomplishments and show the employer you an excellent prospect with talent to offer. Provide result-oriented data that proves you have handled previous jobs well and have consistently contributed to the success of the organization.
  • Be clear and concise. Remember, employers sort through piles of resumes daily and typically devote about 30 seconds or less time to each one. Make your information clear, concise and easy to read.
  • Organize you for job search. A good resume helps you focus on your accomplishments and career goals. It also helps organize your thoughts for potential job interviews. Once you have taken stock of yourself and realized all you have achieved and what you have to contribute, you will enter the job interview and networking process with much more confidence.

So to write your resume you need to gather following information:

  • Summary of Qualifications
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Volunteer Experience
  • Certification, Licensing and Special Skills and Trainings
  • Military Experience
  • Memberships and Activities
  • Awards and Honors




Professional Appearance

  • Material fits neatly on one page. Margins approximately 1 inch on all four sides.  High quality print in black ink.
  • White or neutral colored paper, 8.5 x 11 inches, 20lb weight.  No staples or folds.
  • Plain font with straight lines, such as Times New Roman.  Font size 10-12 points.
  • Bold and capital letters used where appropriate for emphasis, but not overdone.
  • No italics, script, parentheses, brackets, underlining, shading or graphics.
  • Avoid use of unnecessary punctuation, horizontal or vertical lines.


  • Name, address, telephone, and e-mail address centered at top, with name in bold and larger font.
  • Omit extraneous and personal information such as height, weight, age, sex.
  • Use format that best suits your needs. Reverse chronological format, listing education and experience from most recent to least recent, is most commonly used.
  • Summary of Qualifications category
  • Education category including any college/university from which a degree was earned
  • Experience category including several entries in consistent format:
    • Job Title       Dates of employment
    • Company, City, State
    • Descriptive statements of experience                                   


  • Job descriptions/accomplishments written in 1-5 bulleted statements or brief paragraph format, reading in the first person, with pronouns “I” and “my” omitted.   Use a variety of action verbs and keyword nouns specific to the major/profession, often the same words used in typical job postings for such position.
  • Descriptive statements highlighting skills and abilities, as well as experience and accomplishments. Show evidence of teamwork, computer proficiency, attention to detail, customer satisfaction, willingness to learn new skills, ability to produce results, and your enthusiasm/work ethic.  Supply enough description to create reader interest but not to overwhelm.
  • Finished product should be a unique statement about you.  It must be professional looking, error free, with consistent verb tense and end punctuation.   Do NOT rely on computer spell check, grammar check, or resume writing software for your final resume.



Cover letters can be the deciding factor between getting called for an interview or being passed up for another candidate who submitted something better. To make sure your cover letter helps you land the interview, keep these do's and don'ts in mind when you're writing:

  • Do create a personalized cover letter for every company and position.
  • Do take the time to find out the hiring manager's name, and open the letter with a proper greeting.
  • Do identify the position you're applying for, including the job code or reference number (if there is one).
  • Do maintain a confident, enthusiastic tone.
  • Do proofread repeatedly (typos and grammatical mistakes are a huge turn-off)!
  • Do ask someone you trust to critique and proofread your cover letter.
  • Do end with a statement of intent (e.g., I will be in touch on Tuesday to discuss the possibility of an interview).  
  • Don't go beyond one page. In most cases, three or four paragraphs are enough to tell your story.
  • Don't try to be cute. Humor is subjective; it can make you seem unprofessional rather than personable.
  • Don't resort to clichés, exaggerations, or false flattery.
  • Don’t assume spell-check will catch all errors!
  • Don't simply repeat claims you made in your resume. Instead, highlight the most impressive accomplishments from your resume and describe the story behind them.
  • Don't forget to change the recipient's name and company name for each cover letter you write!




Name: __________________________________________________________________________________
Home Address: __________________________         College Address: ______________________________
Street: _________________________________         Street: _______________________________________
City: _______________ State: ____ Zip: ______        City: _________________ State: ____ Zip: __________
Phone: _________________________________        Phone:_______________________________________
Email: _________________________________

Summary of Qualifications:
Use bullets: example

  • Organized and detailed oriented
  • Proficient in computers
  • Excellent customer and personnel skills

Name of College: _____________________________________ City: ____________________ State: ____________
Degree: _____________________________________________ Expected Graduation Date: ___________________
GPA: _____________ (If 3.0 or higher)
Course Highlights (Use primarily in resumes for internships.)___________________________________________
Professional Experience (Start with most recent place of employment, remember to include volunteer positions and internships.)
Job Title: ________________________________________      Period Employed: ___________________________
Name of Company, City, State ____________________________________________________________________
Responsibilities: (Use action words.) ________________________________________________________________
Skills (EXAMPLE:  computer, leadership, language skills)______________________________________________
Activities & Interests___________________________________________________________________________




Accounting Diagnosing Liaison skills Scientific investigating
Adapting to environments Diplomatic Listening Scientific writing
Budget administering Direct creative talent Managing people/programs Selling
Budget development Directing Observing Mathematical abilities Sensitivity to others
Advising Drawing Mediator Showmanship Public speaking
Analyzing quantitative data Driving Mentoring Speech writing
Apply what other have done Editing / Translating Mobilizing resources Supervising
Arbitrating/mediating Entrepreneurial Modeling Teaching
Arrange events Facilitating personal growth Motivating others Team-building
Articulate Filing Multi-tasking Technical skills
Athletic ability Financial planning/management Musical talent Technical reading/interpreting
Business correspondence Follow-through Negotiating Telephoning
Chair meetings Foreign language skills Nursing Testing
Clerical skills Fundraising Organizational skills Thinking quickly
Coaching Goal setting Patience/understanding Training
Communication skills Group facilitating Perceiving needs of others Traveling
Composing Helping/serving others Performing Trouble shooting
Conflict management High tolerance for repetition Photographing Understand legal concepts
Construction Hostessing Policy interpreting Visualizing concepts
Conveying enthusiasm Illustrating Policy-making Work well under stress
Coordinate operations Influence/persuade Prioritize tasks Working with abstract concepts
Counseling Information gathering Problem identifying Writing/creative
Create visual displays Information processing Problem solving
Crisis intervention Innovating Project design/programming
Critiquing Inspiring trust Promote/implement change
Culinary talent Interior decorating Proofreading
Data processing Interpersonal relations Public relations
Debating Interviewing Publications
Decision-making Inventing Reading
Delegate responsibility Investigating Recognizing skills of others
Detailed oriented Laboratory skills Recordkeeping
Administrative tasks Landscaping Recruiting
Detective skills Leadership Researching
Develop ideas/programs Lecturing Risk-taking




The summary of qualifications is your marketing pitch, which allows you to boast about your talents. It should correspond with your objective and it should include specific achievements, certifications, licenses, computer skills, or other job-related skills. It is important that you list only the skills and achievements that will help you with the position that you are seeking.
Summary of Qualifications Samples

  • Over _____________ years of experience in management and supervision.
  • Highly effective in promoting a positive, productive environment.
  • Reputation for excellence and high quality service to clients.
  • Good eye for detail; well organized, skilled in setting priorities.
  • Resourceful and self-confident; can get the job done, and do it well.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Remain calm and work well under demanding conditions.
  • Proven record of innovative and effective staff development.
  • Strong commitment, vision and leadership.
  • Developed innovative programs for major __________, incorporating trends on the leading edge of _________________ field.
  • Effective problem solver; thorough researcher.
  • Well organized and focused in coordinating projects.
  • Strong analytical, writing and research skills.
  • Conscientious and thorough with detail.
  • Equally effective working independently and in cooperation with others.
  • Effective working alone and as a cooperative team leader.
  • Keen perception for extracting important data.
  • Innovative in designing and carrying out projects.
  • Highly motivated to achieve set goals.
  • Successful in mastering new skills through hands-on experience.
  • Graduate degree with emphasis in ____________________.
  • Effective and persuasive with all segments of the community.
  • Skilled and thorough in analyzing problem situations and finding creative solutions.
  • Sharp, quick learner; willing to get involved.
  • Strength in analyzing, researching, organizing, and problem solving.
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills.
  • Fluent in ___________________ and _______________.
  • Computer literate in MS Word, Excel, Access and Power Point.






Michelle Doe
718 New Job Drive, Somewhere, NJ 08000

  • Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA)
  • Experienced in principles and processes for providing patient services
  • Proficient in performing EKGS, phlebotomy, injections and taking patient vitals
  • Strong skills in administrative and clerical procedures
  • Outstanding communication with doctors, co-workers and patients
  • Knowledge of public safety and security to protect data, property and facility
  •  Excellent in time management and ability to multi-task effectively.
  • Achievement oriented demonstrated with solid critical thinking skills especially in high stress situations
  • Ensure cleanliness, sanitation and maintenance of facility (exam rooms and equipment)
  • Skilled in computer software and hardware application

Externship: South Jersey Heart Group                                                         Your Town, NJ
Certified Clinical Medical Assistant                                                                   2010 - Present

  • Ensure optimal patient care and smooth daily functioning of office
  • Efficient handling of phones, filing, patient processing
  • Taking patient vital signs, performing EKGS
  • Ensured compliance with HIPAA,CLIA and OSHA
  • Provided clean and sanitized environment
  • Reacted professional and effectively in emergency situations

Gloucester County College Library                                                              New Town, NJ
Library Assistant                                                                                            2002 - Present

  • Assist students with library needs
  • Lend, collect books, periodicals, DVDs, CDs and related materials
  • Re-shelve materials, mark for repair damaged books
  • Handle students ID and handle parking passes
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Professional, computer software and office equipment

OVAA Softball Coach                                              My Town, NJ                  2009 – Present
Sunday School Teacher   The Church                        My Town, NJ                 2008 -  Present

Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA)                                                     2010
Gloucester County College                                                                              Any Town, NJ