How can I decide on a college major?
Counselors are available to assist students in selecting a program at GCC or a major course of study when students are preparing to transfer to a four year college.  You can explore the majors that suit your interests and learn which majors would be appropriate for your career plans. The CAP Center also offers workshops on Choosing a Major.

Where can I learn about different transfer and career options?
In the CAP Center’s resource room you can find websites, books and publications on self-assessment, careers, employers, conducting a job search and other related topics.  The Center also offers online links to career related internet sites that contain corporate and government information, as well as job banks and professional association home pages.  Come to the CAP Center to pick up a copy of our recommended Internet Career Sites.

How can I decide about my academic and career plans?
Students are initially encouraged to attend small group seminars to address and discuss these issues and when appropriate, meet individually with a transfer or career counselor to gain information and explore occupational choices.

Can someone help me with my resume?
Yes. The CAP Center offers resume writing resource material which provides instruction and examples of resumes. Click HERE for resume building techniques. Additionally, students can schedule an appointment with a career planing counselor to have their resume critiqued.

What is my next step if I know where I want to transfer?
If you know where you want to transfer, access that institution's web page or catalog. Make copies of the general education or core curriculum requirements and requirements for your major. After you have collected this information, schedule an appointment with the transfer planning counselor. Bring this information with you.

What should my major be if I am planning to transfer?
Gloucester County College has specific programs designed for students who will be transferring to a four-year college. These programs are Associate in Arts (AA) or Associate in Science (AS) degrees. If you are planning to transfer, the AA and AS degrees are your best choices to maximize transfer credit. There are a few AAS degree programs that, with a few minor modifications, will allow for increased transferability. For more information, schedule an appointment with a transfer planning counselor.