Undecided on what major to pursue?  Gloucester County College (GCC) offers more than 70 diverse academic programs, campus resources and professional advising to address concerns and assist with making an informed program of study choice.

Confused looking student
Don’t let indecisiveness delay your exploration of possible majors.

Uncertainty about a college major or future occupation is not unusual.  In fact, many students are unsure of what field to study or have trouble narrowing their choices because of a variety of interests and skills.

Approximately 25 to 50 percent of students entering college are undecided about their major.  On average, two out of every three students will change their major at least one – if not several times – before focusing on a specific direction.

Selecting a major that is a good fit for you is a process of exploring and learning more about yourself. To gain a better understanding of yourself, answer this brief questionnaire. Once completed, schedule an appointment with Undeclared Student advisor, who can help guide you on your career path.

All students, regardless of their major, are required to take general education classes. Students who have not declared a major are advised to follow the General Education curriculum while investigating subjects of interest through courses electives.