Fall Transfer Fair will be Tuesday December 3, 2013 from 9am until 1pm

Gloucester County College credits are transferable. To maximize your transfer credits, keep in mind that each course you choose should be chosen with the transfer institution in mind. Do not assume that because a course is required at one institution it is required at all of them. Institutions, just like people, have different personalities. Appropriate courses, with a grade of 'C' or higher, will transfer.
Start the transfer planning process early. The more specific a student can be about their transfer institution and college major, the better the advisor and counselors are able to assist in choosing the best courses for transfer.


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Students with less than 24 credits are encouraged to start planning for a successful transfer by attending a transfer workshop where you will learn how to effectively plan and strategize your transfer.  You will also learn how to navigate and understand NJ Transfer’s information.

Students with 25 or more credits are also encouraged to attend Institution-specific and/or majors-specific workshop sessions and sessions addressing questions specific to the application process.



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Make a decision on the projected transfer semester -

The strategy for successful and effective transfer planning should incorporate the projected semester when a student intends on enrolling at a senior institution.

Make a decision on the colleges you would like to visit -

Complete your online transfer research



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Visit perspective colleges and universities -

Exploring where to pursue their next educational phase is a significant decision, in-person visits are part of the initial research transfer students are recommended to conduct.  Site visits will ideally confirm that prospective institutions will be the right fit for the transfer student.

GCC on-campus visitations -

This gives our students opportunities to meet local college representatives and get exposed to the various degree/majors options available at each institution.  Individual institutions’ visits are arranged throughout each semester, their schedules are posted on the CAP calendar.



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When to apply – adhering to deadlines -

Senior institutions set deadlines for each semester; dates vary widely among transfer institutions.  Prospective transfer students are advised to confirm and adhere to dates indicated by each institution.  This information is usually found on institutions’ websites under their transfer admissions information pages.



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Conduct well-informed and timely research -

Early planning and research on potential colleges and universities will result in making a well-informed transfer institution choice.  Minimum Grade Point Averages (GPA) for transfer students can vary greatly by institution, and also by majors.  Prospective transfer students are strongly urged to be knowledgeable of this aspect of their transfer application process.  Within many institutions, there are competitive majors requiring a higher GPA than the standard transfer admission requirement.



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How to apply -

Be aware, most transfer institutions now require or prefer online applications.  Some institutions may still offer options on how to submit your admission application.

Online – an application method preferred by most institutions, its immediate arrival is a benefit to the applicant.

Hard-copy (paper) – the traditional method of submitting applications may be available at some institutions, if so the hard-copy applications can be downloaded from institutions’ websites.

Official transcripts are expected with each application.  An official transcript from GCC may be requested through the Office of Student Records in the Student Services building.  Contact any other institution a student may have previously attended to request an official transcript from them. 

NOTE: Official transcripts are not expected to arrive at the same time as a student’s admissions application.  Transfer application deadlines refer to the arrival of the application itself.