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Dual Degree Program (DDP): Rutgers University
Rutgers will offer admission into the DDP program to a select group of first-year, New Jersey high school students. These first-year students offered admission through the DDP will begin their studies by enrolling at GCC or at any other NJ community college.

Upon completion of an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science degree, DDP participants will be admitted to at least one
college of Rutgers University, provided a cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.00 has been achieved in a Recommended Transfer Program (RTP).

The RTPs are described in the online course articulation system, NJ TRANSFER. This Web-based information system provides students with specific course requirements and additional pertinent information related to the major. By using NJ TRANSFER, DDP students can determine course requirements for the first two years of each Rutgers baccalaureate program and choose their classes accordingly.

To be among the select group of students considered for this program, New Jersey high school students should complete
a Rutgers University application by the December 1 priority application date. No separate DDP application is required.
Students who are currently enrolled at GCC, or any other two-year or four-year college, are not eligible for this program.

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Articulation Agreements  revised May 2013