Leadership and Supervisory Skills
·  Coaching
·  Customer Service
·  Conflict Management
·  Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers

  • This workshop will give you a firm understanding of financial and account terms, techniques, and practices - even if you have no financial background. The course explains and illustrates the basics: interpreting financial statements, calculating inventory costs, and the cost of goods sold, understanding stocks and bonds, determining company profitability using ration analysis techniques, detailing cash flow, and more!

·  Leadership Skills for First-Time Supervisors

  • Being "in charge" for the first time is a very big challenge. You must learn how to get things done through others while obtaining results in an environment that is new for you and those you supervise. In this interactive workshop, participants will learn the leadership basics and interpersonal skills.

·  Leadership Skills for Middle Management
·  Executive Leadership Skills
·  Project Management
·  Team Building

Written and Verbal Communication Skills
·  Business Writing

  • This workshop teaches business professionals how to write in a more concise and powerful manner. It outlines writing techniques and language rules, each of which is explained in detail and reinforced with application exercises. Participants learn to strengthen their writing style and produce more effective business documents.

·  Conducting Effective Meetings
·  Effective Listening and Interpersonal Skills
·  E-mail Etiquette
·  Presentation Skills
·  Speaking with Confidence
·  Technical Writing

Computer Technology Desktop:
·  Access
·  Excel
·  MS Project
·  Outlook
·  Power Point
·  QuickBooks
·  Word Desktop Publishing:

Sales and Marketing
·  Advertising
·  Customer Service

  • If you want your product to sell, excellent customer service is the number one issues that can make or break a sale. The goal of customer relations is to recognize that everyone is entitled to courteous professional service from employees. If we want to provide a quality environment in which the delivery of services is accomplished in a manner that meets or exceeds the expectations of our customers than customer service is critical. Since any organization must continually improve its performance, this workshop will provide guidelines designed to equip employees to deliver more high quality customer service.

·  Direct Mail
·  E-Commerce
·  Effective Sales Presentations
·  Sales Training

·  Spanish for Supervisors
·  English as a Second Language
·  Spanish for Healthcare Workers

  • This class is targeted for healthcare workers with little or no previous experience in speaking Spanish. It focuses on developing simple conversational skills to prepare learners to communicate basic conversations within a hospital setting. Vocabulary and grammar are integrated with conversational Spanish to develop a basis for learning the language.

Total Quality Management
·  Continuous Process Improvement
·  ISO2000
·  ISO Internal Auditor
·  Lean Enterprise
·  Six Sigma
·  Statistical Process Control



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