About UsHistory of Senior Corps
  • 1965: launched by the Community Service Society as a pilot project SERV (Serve and Enrich Retirement by Volunteer Experience).
  • 1969 The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program was started as a volunteer program of the administration on Aging by Title VI, Part A of the Older Americans Act.
  • 1971 Eleven programs launched in June under the auspice of the Administration on Aging.
  • 1973: Designated as ACTION’S Older American Volunteer Program (OVAP).
  • 1993: OVAP reauthorized as the National Senior Volunteer Corp and named the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program.
  • Current: Now known as the National Senior Service Corp and Administered by the Corporation for National Service.

Senior Corps will provide volunteer opportunities for people age 55 and older with a myriad of experience and interests from all economic, educational, and social backgrounds to serve on a regular basis in a variety of settings throughout their community.  Senior Corps volunteers provide services that utilize their own talents and interests, and present their community with a rich array of options for addressing the full spectrum of community needs.

Program benefits:
Senior Corps membership is free.  Senior Corps/RSVP volunteers serve part time on average three to four hours per week, with placement at local “stations” such as local non-profit agencies, hospitals, schools, agencies and institutions.  Volunteer hours are reported to the Senior Corps office once a month.  Each volunteer may receive reimbursement for transportation and are covered by “ON-Duty” accident and liability insurance.   Informational newsletter, insurance counseling, and a recognition luncheon are provided to the volunteer at no cost.

Senior Corps is located on the Campus of Gloucester County College in the Instructional Center Room 418 or call 856-468-1742.



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