What is the difference between a grant, loan and scholarship?
Grants are the form of financial aid provided by the government, which are awarded on merit basis and are determined by the FAFSA. Grants are free money and do need not be paid back. Here are a few examples:

A scholarship is a financial aid or a grant given to a student for various reasons so that he/she can continue his/her schooling. It has different forms and is awarded depending on different criteria. Here are a few examples:

Student loans may be available if more funds are required for college. There are many kinds of federal loans made available that may cover the tuition fee as well as other expenses you may have while studying, but they should be paid back. Here are a few examples:


I am or might become a new student. Where Do I Begin?
Please visit the Financial Aid section on our New Student Orientation website. This site will have deadlines, forms, links and provide helpful tips for completing the Financial Aid process.

The general Financial Aid section on the GCC website may also provide helpful information.


Where can I find information about the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF)?
EOF is one of the nation's most comprehensive and successful state-supported efforts to provide access to higher education for students who lack the economic resources and academic preparation to attend college. Qualified students receive support services including counseling, tutoring, and academic advisement.

Please click HERE to visit the EOF website.


Where can I find information about other sources of aid?
Please click HERE to visit the Sources of Aid page. This page provides helpful information for topics, such as: