Important!  Gloucester County College (GCC) allows CURRENT STUDENTS to register for courses based upon this criteria.  All current students receive an email (GCC email) prior to the registration date with registration information specific to their student status—you must read your GCC email for details on when you can register.)

CURRENT STUDENTS who require NO PIN number, you may register the first week that registration opens for that term. If you require NO PIN number you may register through the GCC portal, or may speak with an advisor in the lobby of the Student Services building, or schedule an appointment to see your advisor. Please refer to your GCC email which will indicate if you do or do not need a PIN number to register.

CURRENT STUDENTS who require a PIN number, you may register the first week that registration opens for that term. Since you require a PIN number, make an appointment to meet with your advisor as soon as possible so that your PIN number will be emailed to you.  All students who require a PIN number MUST meet with an advisor to obtain a PIN number. Once you have your PIN number you register through the GCC portal.  Please refer to the instructions you received in your GCC email.

OPEN REGISTRATION for NEW STUDENTS. Prior to registration all new students should receive acceptance packet and satisfy the placement test so they are prepared for advisement. All new student registration takes place in the lobby of the Student Services building, unless you are a visiting or part-time student doing a mail-in registration.

Click here for registration dates and times. You may call the Information Center for more information or to schedule an appointment with your advisor: 856-415-2197, select option 1.  Appointments are not necessary for registration.  Registration is first come, first served.

Registration Tools ChannelHow do I register for class?
If you are a current student, you can do the following:

  1. Log into the GCC Portal from the GCC Website.
  2. Click the Academics tab and look for the Registration Tools channel (right).
  3. Click Add or Drop Classes.
  4. Choose the appropriate term (Spring 2012, etc.) and click Submit. Find the classes you want and add them.
  5. When you are finished adding your classes, print your Student Detail Schedule and check it for accuracy.
  6. View your online Degree Evaluation to be sure you selected the correct courses for your degree.
  7. Print your bill.


I need help registering for classes. What do I do?
You may visit the Student Services building for assistance. Registration Assistants will be available in the lobby to assist you with the registration process. You may also make an appointment to speak with your advisor.


How do I view or pay my bill?
When you register, you create a bill. You can view your bill by logging into the GCC Portal, clicking the Academics tab and looking for a channel called "View or Pay My Bill". Click the "Term Bill" link within that channel.

View or Pay My Bill

If you do not plan to attend, drop your classes BEFORE the first day of the semester to avoid being charged.

GCC no longer mails paper bills. Please follow the above steps  to view/print your bill.


GraduationI plan to graduate soon. What do I need to know?
First, you will need to file a Graduation Petition. This is typically done 6 - 12 months before you plan to graduate. You may visit the Information Center in the Student Services building to pick up your Graduation Petition.

There are also a number of other items to be aware of:

  • Graduation fee
  • Cap and gown sizing
  • Announcements and rain tickets
  • Photography
  • Diplomas

Please click HERE to visit the Commencement website for more information.