I would rate my computer skills as:

a) High - I am comfortable with electronic mail, web browsing, and word-processing
b) Moderate - I can get by if there is not too much typing or special software
c) Low - I am either a novice computer user or I really don't like using a computer


Considering my academic work and personal schedule the amount of time I have to devote to my online class is:

a) 9 - 12 hours per week
b) 4 - 8 hours per week

c) 0 - 3 hours per week


As a reader, I would classify myself as:

a) Good - I usually understand text without help
b) Average - I sometimes need help to understand the text

c) Slower than average - It takes me much longer to read than my peers


When I am asked to use computers, CD-Roms, vcrs, voice mail or other technologies new to me:

a) I look forward to learning new skills
b) I feel a little nervous but try anyway

c) I feel quite anxious and try to avoid doing it


When I receive feedback from an instructor, I prefer:

a)Written comments so that I can pursue and figure out how to apply them to my work
b)Written comments with some oral explanation to clarify points I might not understand
c) I need to talk to the instructor to really understand what I need to do.


When an instructor hands out an assignment, I prefer:

a) Figuring out the instructions myself
b) Trying to follow the directions on my own, then asking for help when I need it

c) Having the instructions explained to me


Classroom discussion is:

a) Important to my learning
b) Sometimes helpful to me

c) Rarely helpful to me


I need faculty comments on my work:

a) Within a week so that I can review what I did
b) Within a day or two or I forget what I did

c) Right away or I get very frustrated


Who is most responsible for what and how much you learn?

a) I am ultimately responsible for my own learning.
b) The instructor and I share equal responsibility for what and how much I learn.
c) The instructor is most responsible for what and how much I learn.


I would classify myself as someone who:

a) Often gets things done ahead of time
b) Needs reminding to get things done on time

c) Puts off things until the last moment