GCC Financial Aid
GCC Financial Aid
Federal regulations require schools participating in Title IV student financial aid programs to establish, publish, and apply reasonable standards for measuring whether a student has maintained satisfactory progress in his or her course of study. Gloucester County College evaluates student's progress at the end of each semester of enrollment. Recipients of and applicants for federal financial aid are subject to the satisfactory academic progress standards described below.

Federal financial aid includes: Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), Federal Work Study (FWS), Federal Direct loans, Federal PLUS Loan, Tuition Aid Grant (TAG).

If you do not meet one of the standards below you will receive an email notification to your GCC email address after grades have been posted and Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) has been evaluated each semester.

Qualitative (Grade Point Average, GPA)
Students must maintain the following GPA, depending upon the number of hours attempted:

Credits Attempted

Minimum GPA

12-24 credits







Quantitative (Pace)
The Quantitative Standard is the percentage of attempted credits that you have completed.  This is calculated by dividing your attempted credits by your completed credits.

You must complete 67% of the courses you attempt to maintain your financial aid eligibility at Gloucester County College. This percentage includes all courses that you attempt, even those that you transfer in from other institutions.
Both Completed and Attempted credits include all developmental, ESL, repeated, and college level credits.

A student who officially withdraws from a course will receive a “W” grade, which will not affect the student’s GPA, but will affect the students pace.


Eligible to continue receiving Financial Aid

A student has attempted 60 credits and passed 55 credits 55/60 = 91

Would not be eligible for Financial Aid

A student who has attempted 30 credits and passed 15 credits 15/30 = 50%

Maximum Timeframe
Students are no longer eligible to receive federal financial aid once they have attempted 150% of the credits required to complete their degree.

Student is enrolled in a degree program that requires 60 credits to complete.  60 X 150% = 90 credits

Students will lose eligibility after attempting 90 credits

Warning Status
Federal regulations allow for one semester of "warning" before a student is ineligible due to not maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress.  Students that are placed in a warning status will receive an email that is sent to their GCC email account. Explaining their current status, and also a summary of the many services the college offers to assist students with getting back on track.  If students are still not meeting all the SAP requirements at the end of the warning period, they will be ineligible for financial aid.

Satisfactory Academic Appeal Process
If you are not making SAP after your warning semester, you are able to submit an appeal requesting to be placed on Financial Aid Probation. As a part of your appeal, you are required to meet with Academic Advisement and develop an academic plan to guide you to the minimum standards. While it is possible to receive financial aid while on probation, it is necessary that you are taking steps and performing academically to again meet the standards.

For additional information on Gloucester County College’s Satisfactory Academic Progress and for assistance with writing an appeal, please review our Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

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