GCC Financial Aid
GCC Financial Aid

Regulations now permit students to retake any previously passed course only one time.  If you are in the second retake (third enrollment) of a previously passed course, financial aid will NOT count that class in your enrollment for the term and financial aid could be adjusted to reflect the lower enrollment.

“Passed” means a course was completed with a grade of D- or P and higher. 

Examples of repeat course work:

  1st Attempt 2nd Attempt 3rd Attempt FA Eligibility
Student A F F Enrolled Yes, student is eligible for financial aid.
Student B F C Enrolled Yes, However the student cannot attempt the course a 4th time
Student C D F Enrolled No, Student has passed the class and was already given a 2nd attempt
Student D W F Enrolled Yes, student has not passed yet
Student E C W Enrolled No, student has already passed the course W will count as an attempt

This applies to all students regardless of any policy within an academic program requiring a higher grade in the course.

The following action will occur following the add/drop period of each term:

  • If a student retakes a course that is not aid eligible, a recalculation of aid and enrollment status will be completed to exclude the credits for the repeated course.
  • Students will receive notification if they are an aid applicant and attempt to repeat coursework beyond the limits.

Students may see any adjustments of their aid by viewing their awards on the Gloucester County College Portal. Adjustments to financial aid and notification of such will occur following the add/drop period of each term.  This may result in the student repaying part of their federal aid.

Example of enrollment status changes will affect the amount of Federal Aid awarded in a term:

  Enrollment Status Grant Eligibility Repeat Course New Enrollment Grant Status
Student 12 credits (Full time Status) $2775 One Class (3 credits) 9 credits (3/4 times) $2082
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