GCC Financial Aid
GCC Financial Aid
Helpful Web Sites
FAFSA on the Web Free Application for Federal Student Aid Website
Federal Student Aid Website Free information from the U. S. Dept. of Ed. on preparing for and funding education
Student loans Find out about student loans and manage yours from application to repayment
National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) Your complete financial aid history can be found at NSLDS including your Pell and Loan eligibility. 
HESAA New Jersey State Higher Education Student Assistance Authority
Selective Service Registration page for the Selective Service System
Scholarships Search for an outside scholarship at FastWeb.  It’s easy and free
Direct Loan Calculator Student loan calculator to see what your payments on Direct Loans may be
Helpful Literature
College Preparation Checklist Checklists with the steps you can take to help you (or your child’s) chances of getting into-and being able to afford college tuition
Funding Your Education Provides a description of Federal Student Aid programs and the application process. Readers will find information on federal student aid as a source for funding postsecondary education, and know where to go for more detailed information.
Your Federal Student Loans For student loan borrowers and students and parents considering loans to pay for their postsecondary education. It covers what types of federal student loans are available, the difference between private and federal student loans, how much to borrow, tips on repaying their loan successfully, the consequences of default, and other helpful hints on how to manage student loan debt
Federal Student Aid For Adult Students Provides adult students with information about how to apply for federal student aid, important deadlines, and types of aid available.  It includes tips about going to or returning to college, reducing education expenses, and resources for finding more information about careers, admissions testing, accreditation
Save Your Money, Save Your Identity Informs students about financial aid scams and identity theft and how to avoid them. Primary themes: the FAFSA is free; students do not have to pay someone to help them find scholarships; and students should protect their personal information as they apply for aid. The brochure also provides a list of sources of free information on money for college. 

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