GCC Financial Aid
GCC Financial Aid


All financial assistance received is first applied against your unpaid tuition and fees for the current semester. The credit is made on your account after the sixth week of the semester.   Award amounts for scholarships, grants, and loans are adjusted to reflect your actual enrollment at the conclusion of the drop/add period. If you are not eligible for financial aid based on your actual enrollment, you must pay all tuition and fees owed. If your total financial aid is not enough to pay your tuition and fees, you must pay the balance by the DUE DATE on your bill. Please see Payment Options.


Book Vouchers

If you are eligible for a refund, you may be able to use a portion of your refund to purchase books and supplies prior to the start of classes.

Book vouchers, which are electronic, will be available only during book voucher periods. The availability of book vouchers will depend on when the student’s aid is completed and posted in the system. Students who are eligible for book vouchers and whose aid is completed by established deadlines should go directly to the book store with their schedule and student ID.

 Click HERE for more bookstore information.​ 
You must present your student ID when purchasing books.


After all tuition and fees have been deducted, students may receive a refund.  Refunds are processed after classes begin and after your enrollment in all your courses are verified. Click HERE to see dates.

Refund checks are mailed to the student.  Under no circumstance can refunds be picked up at the college. Please verify your mailing address is correct on your portal account. All address changes must be made through Student Records in the Student Services Building.

You may check to see if your refund has been processed by viewing your “Term Bill” on your GCC Portal. If you have a refund charge on your semester summary and your term balance is $0, your refund has been processed and is on its way to being printed and mailed.

How to View your Account Summary by Term:

1. Log in to the Portal.
2. Click the “Academics” tab.
3. Click “Term bill” link under the “View or Pay my Bill” tab.

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