GCC Financial Aid
GCC Financial Aid

Students will be notified of their award status via their GCC email account.  Students must routinely check their GCC email accounts for status and, for notification of any missing information.

Admissions Requirement:

In order to be awarded any financial aid at Gloucester County College, you must first be admitted into a degree-granting program at the College.

If you are applying for federal student aid and have filed the FAFSA, we must also receive an electronic copy of your Student Aid Report (SAR) containing an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) from the Federal Processor. Gloucester County College's school code must be added: 006901.
Please see Applying for Federal Aid for further application instructions.

Change in Enrollment

Students are considered full-time with 12 or more credits, three-quarter time with 9 to 11 credits, half-time with 6 to 8 credits, and less than half-time with 1 to 5 credits. Financial Aid is generally awarded based on the assumption that you will be full-time. If you enroll for less than full-time, your awards may be adjusted. In order to be eligible for a Federal Direct Loan and the Tuition Aid Grant (TAG), you must be enrolled and maintain at least 6 credits each term. 

Students aid will be continuously adjusted until the last day of the add/drop period.  Some reasons student aid can be adjusted:

  • Student chooses to drop a course
  • A course was cancelled by the college
  • The instructor reports a student as a N/A (never attended)
  • Student has repeated the course
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