GCC Financial Aid
GCC Financial Aid


The Federal College Work Study Program (FWS) is a campus-based program that provides eligible undergraduate students the opportunity to work part time to pay for their educational costs. Gloucester County College offers a limited number of part-time jobs on campus to students with financial need. Work study awards are based on the amount of available funds and student financial need.


Students seeking employment through the Federal College Work Study (FWS) program must first file the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  This is done on-line at www.fafsa.gov.

The FAFSA should be completed by May 1 of the year in which you plan to work.
This will ensure that your financial aid application is processed before the Fall payment due date.  Applications received after June 1 will be processed on a rolling basis according to available funds.


Eligibility for the Federal College Work Study Program (FWS) is determined by the student applicant completing a FAFSA, which documents student need or eligibility for FWS.  An eligible applicant must also meet the following requirements:

  1. Be enrolled in an eligible major, i.e. cannot have “Undeclared” as a major.
  2. Must maintain satisfactory academic progress standards as defined by federal & state grant programs.
  3. Must be accepted by the college and enrolled on at least a half-time basis.
  4. Must be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen.


Students interested in the Federal Work Study Program are encouraged to contact the Office of Financial Aid at 856-415-2219.

If an applicant is found to be eligible for Federal College Work Study, he/she will be notified in a Financial Aid Award Agreement and Federal Work Study Employment Form, which are mailed to the applicant.  If the student decides to accept Federal College Work Study, he/she must sign and return to the Financial Aid Office both the Financial Aid Award Agreement and the Federal Work Study Employment Form.


Once a student has accepted the Federal College Work Study award, he/she is given a College Work Study Packet (includes W-2 Forms & a blank College Work Study Work Schedule by the Financial Aid/VA Clerk.  The clerk will explain how to complete the W-2 Forms, College Work Study Schedule, and College Work Study time sheets.

The Financial Aid will send the student to the Human Resources Department where the student will go through an informal employment screening process (matching skill level to available jobs).  The student will be informed of available jobs.  Once these areas have been discussed, the student will be sent by the Student Employment Office to a College Work Study supervisor to be interviewed for a job.  If the interview is a success, the College Work Study Work Schedule form is completed by the interviewing College Work Study supervisor and is returned to the Co-Op Education/Student Employment Office.

Placement problems encountered by both student and/or supervisor are to be directed to Human Resources.


A student job is an employment opportunity which gives the student experience. The job is planned as an educational opportunity which is sometimes directly related to a student’s major; sometimes not, but in all cases it is employment which will give experience in a work situation.  The supervisor is a potential reference for the student when seeking employment after graduation from Gloucester County College.

Listed below are specific responsibilities for student employees:

  1. Report to work on time and with regularity per you is agreed upon College Work Study Work Schedule.  If you are going to be absent, YOU MUST CALL THE SUPERVISOR PERSONALLY.  The student accepts a job with the implication that he/she agrees to keep it for at least one semester and generally one academic year.

If circumstances require the student’s resignation, the student is expected to give the supervisor and the Office of Financial Aid two weeks’ notice.

NOTE:  If a student terminates his/her employment or is terminated by the supervisor for any reason, the Financial Aid and/or Human Resources cannot guarantee a job replacement.

  1. Act in a professional manner concerning the confidentiality of college and student records and confidentiality of information which comes to the student by virtue of his/her work.  Breaches of such confidentiality and any act of dishonesty are just causes for immediate dismissal from the College Work Study Program.
  2. Maintain the same standards of conduct as those expected of full-time employees of the College or cooperating agencies.
  3. Discuss any job related concerns or problems with your supervisor or Placement Office and not with other work study students.
  4. The College Work Study time card should be completed and signed by both the student and the supervisor, and be returned to the Office of Financial Aid every other Friday of the pay week.  Monday of the pay week, work study time cards are submitted to the Payroll Office to determine the student’s pay for the pay period.  If the work study time card is submitted to the Payroll Office after Tuesday, 12 noon of the pay week, the student will have to wait an additional two weeks to be paid.  Students are paid every two weeks on Friday in the areas where they are employed.
  5. The work study student’s supervisor is expected to evaluate the student’s work performance twice per year.  The student will be asked to read and sign the evaluation.  Unsatisfactory performance may result in job termination by the supervisor.  The student worker will have an opportunity to read and comment on the evaluation.


It is extremely important that the supervisor understand the responsibilities when accepting College Work Study students.

  1. Prospective employees will be sent to the supervisor by the Human Resources Office for an interview.  Interview the candidate and make sure that the student(s) will be suitable for the functions you have in mind.
  2. Students will be expected to perform the assigned tasks while working under your supervision.  It is illegal to pay a student with College Work Study funds if the student is not working.  Therefore, supervisors should ensure that students assigned to their departments have enough work.  Students assigned to work on campus are expected to put in their time on campus.


  1. The supervisor should provide the necessary training, counseling, supervision, and understanding for the student employee.  If a student is not performing to the expected standard, the supervisor should make an effort to improve the student’s level of service.  Many students have not worked before and need guidance in how to perform effectively.
  2. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to see that the time sheet is correctly completed and submitted on time.
  3. The supervisor should document difficulties and ineffective service.  If the supervisor cannot cope with the problem, it should be reported to Human Resources and the Office of Financial Aid.
  4. The supervisor should give the student a warning at least one week prior to dismissal from a job.  The Human Resources Director must be informed in writing of the intention and reasons for releasing the student worker.


Pay rates are set uniformly by the College’s Human Resources Office within government minimum wage guidelines.  Students may contact the Office of Financial Aid or Human Resources Office for current pay rates.


Federal and college regulations do not permit a student to work more than 17 hours per week during the academic year. There will be no Federal Work Study Program during the summer months.


  1. Supervisors must check all time cards for accuracy.  Be sure that the hours worked total correctly.  When you sign your name at the bottom of the time sheets, you are insuring the time worked was worked, and that the calculation on the sheet is correct.
  2. Time sheets are due in the Office of Financial Aid not later than Monday, 10:00 a.m. of the pay week.
  3. If time sheets are not received by the Office of Financial Aid when due, or if the time sheets are found to be incorrect, they will be returned to you.  If the time card is not re-submitted by the Payroll deadline, the supervisor will need to re-submit the time sheet on the next pay period.
  4. Forward the white and yellow copies of the time sheets to the Office of Financial Aid.
  5. If a supervisor needs more time sheets, contact the Office of Financial Aid.
  6. If a student works five consecutive hours, he/she must take at least a half-hour break before continuing to work.  The half-hour break should be recorded on the time sheet.
  7. Time sheets should be retained by the supervisor and not the student.
  8. The student must sign the time sheet daily.


Students may not change jobs without first obtaining written permission from their current supervisor and Human Resources.  Jobs cannot be changed for student or supervisor convenience.

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