GCC Financial Aid
GCC Financial Aid

Piggy bank on booksWhat is a GCC Foundation Scholarship?
The GCC Foundation offers numerous academic and program scholarships annually to qualified GCC students enrolled on a full-time or part-time basis. A GCC Foundation Scholarship is a form of student financial aid assistance to help students defray the cost of their tuition. In some instances, book scholarships may be applied toward the cost of course books in the college bookstore.

Who funds the money for GCC Foundation Scholarships?
GCC Foundation Scholarships are funded by individual donors, various corporations, industries, organizations and businesses, as well as by local area clubs or groups.  Additionally, GCC sponsors various functions, such as the GCC Gala and Golf Tournament, to raise money for GCC Foundation Scholarships.

Does the scholarship money have to be repaid like a loan or is it “free” money?
Scholarships are a great form of aid since they are a gift which does not have to be repaid.

Is there a fee to apply for a GCC Scholarship?
No. There is no fee. (Be wary of scholarship advertisements requesting an application fee.) The GCC scholarship application is available for all GCC students free of fees.  

Who can apply for a GCC Scholarship?
High school seniors who apply for admission into GCC, currently enrolled students, returning GCC students, or non-traditional students can apply for scholarships.

How do I apply for a GCC Scholarship?
A GCC Scholarship Application will be available for you to print from the Scholarships web page on GCC Web site as well as paper copies are available at the Student Services Information Center.

Can I apply for more than one scholarship?
Yes, you can apply for as many scholarships for which you qualify.  You must read the “Scholarship Announcement” for each scholarship to determine whether you meet the criteria of the scholarship. (You should not apply for a scholarship in a restricted admissions degree program until you are certain you have been admitted into that program of study; for example, Nursing or Allied Health programs).

Must I apply for financial aid in order to qualify for the scholarships?
The criteria of each scholarship varies. Some scholarship criteria requires that you apply for financial aid by submitting a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you wish to apply and be considered for a “need-based” scholarship, you must provide the Committee with your financial information. Students are encouraged to apply for financial aid.

When can I apply for a GCC Scholarship?
Scholarships will be announced early in the Spring Semester of each academic year to be used in the following Fall and Spring Semesters of each academic year.

Where can I find information on available scholarships?
A list of available scholarships will be posted on the GCC Web site. To learn more about scholarships, visit the GCC Web site at www.gccnj.edu. Scholarship Announcements will also be advertised throughout the GCC campus, in the GCC Beep Sheet, and all local and county high school counselors will receive the information to provide to their graduating high school seniors.

What is the criteria for a GCC Scholarship?
Each scholarship has individual criteria which varies according to the specifications set by the donor of the scholarship or by the GCC Foundation.  The criteria may be based on GPA, enrollment status (full or part-time), financial need, scholarship classification or degree/program of study.  Read the Scholarship Announcement to determine the criteria of the scholarship.

What is required of me to apply for a GCC Scholarship?
You must submit the following documents prior to the scholarship deadline:

  • Scholarship Application
  • High School Transcript (official) or GCC (or other college) transcript
  • Faculty recommendation form or Letter of recommendation (high school counselor or teacher; college faculty or administrator)
  • Essay (normally 250-500 words on Career Objectives
    (some scholarships state “My Plans for the Future”)

When is the deadline to apply for scholarships?
Generally, the deadline for scholarships is in March or the beginning of April.

Who selects the recipients for a GCC Scholarship?
The GCC Scholarships and Awards Committee reviews every scholarship application and selects the recipients of the GCC Foundation Scholarships.  The Committee is composed of members of the faculty and staff.

When will I be notified if I am awarded or not awarded a scholarship?
The Scholarships and Awards Committee will make their selection by the end of the Spring Semester of each academic year. Notification letters will be mailed to all scholarship applicants as to the status of the scholarship (awarded or not awarded).

How do I get the scholarship money once I am awarded?
After the scholarship selection process is completed, the award monies will be applied toward the student’s GCC account. Students can view their account information through the GCC Web site (GCC Portal) at www.gccnj.edu

How much money is my scholarship worth?
The amount of each scholarship varies.  Some Foundation Scholarship amounts remain the same each academic year, whereas some amounts may increase or decrease based on the amount provided by the Foundation donor.  Most scholarship awards are equally distributed into two semesters (Fall and Spring) unless otherwise indicated in the criteria of the Scholarship Announcement.

If I have a NJ STARS Scholarship, may I apply for GCC scholarships?
Yes, recipients of NJ Stars may apply for scholarships. However, there are regulations governing NJ STARS.  Tuition is first covered by your GCC scholarship and if there is a balance, NJ STARS will pay the remaining balance. The regulation states: “The NJ STARS award covers the cost of tuition and approved fees less any state and/or federal grants and scholarships for up to five semesters.” For more information, go to the NJ Student Tuition Assistance Reward Scholarship (NJ STARS) Web site www.hesaa.org or www.njstars.net

What is a Book Scholarship?
Book Scholarships will pay for course books only and will not pay for tuition.

Who may I contact if I need more information or have a question?
You may contact the Student Scholarship Office by calling 856.415.2105 or e-mail the Administrator of Student Scholarships, Karen F. Lucas at klucas@gccnj.edu

Are there any other helpful Web sites that I can visit for scholarship information?
There are various Web sites, such as www.scholarshiphelp.org, that can provide helpful information.

Note: The goal of this Q & A is to educate students regarding the scholarship process. It is our intention to provide the necessary requirements to assist students in attaining scholarships and succeed in pursuit of their educational goals.

Karen F. Lucas
Administrator of Student Scholarships

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