GCC Financial Aid
GCC Financial Aid

The Unemployment Waiver covers tuition, general service fee and capital construction fee.  Students are responsible for all additional fees at the time of registration. 

  1. Students are required to complete a FAFSA (please see Applying for Aid) and satisfy all required documentation.
  2. In order to determine eligibility to participate, please contact your local unemployment office.
    • When eligibility to participate is determined, please see an academic advisor.  Advisors will determine a schedule that is appropriate and assist each student to obtain their educational goals. (Student cannot register until first day of each class)

    If student is determined eligible to participate they must follow all unemployment stipulations in order for tuition, general service fee, and capital construction to be waived.  Student is responsible for all additional fees that may apply.

  3. Once the student has met with an academic advisor, they must meet with their unemployment career counselor to obtain a Tuition Free Waiver form NJES8 (R1/01).
    • The NJES8 must have the term for which it is intended noted on the form by the One-Stop Career Counselor. The courses must be approved by the unemployment career counselor only and be listed on the back of the NJES8 Tuition Free Waiver form. If approved classes are not listed on the form, student should return to unemployment office and meet with their career counselor for approval, or course will not be waived.

  4. Unemployment Free Tuition Waiver eligible students cannot register for a course until the START DATE of each specific course for the semester they are enrolling. Students that wish to use the Unemployment Free Tuition Waiver must go to the Office of Financial Aid and complete all required paperwork prior to enrolling for courses.

Please click HERE for more information about this program.

Please, review student’s Rights and Responsibilities.


Examples of proper Unemployment Free Tuition Waiver registration

Course Week of Registration Class Starts Student MUST register
PSY 101 9/3/2012 – 9/7/2012 Sept. 4, 2012 Sept 4th or after
COM 101 9/17/2012- 9/21/2012 Sept. 21, 2012 Sept. 21st or after
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