Campus Technology
Setting up GCC email on Android phones and tablets

1. Select My Accounts from the Main Menu.

2. Select Add Account.

3. Select Corporate Sync or Exchange.

Description: Task screenshot

4. Enter GCC\ and your GCC username in the Domain\Username field.

5. Enter your GCC password in the second field.

6. Check Use Secure connection.

7. Email address: Enter your GCC email address.

a. If you are a student, your email address is

b. If you are faculty/staff, your email address is

8. Enter in the Exchange Server field if you use the central Exchange server. Click Next

9. Click Done

10. Make sure Email is checked, you may also check Contacts and Calendar if you would like but it is not necessary.

11. Create an Account name in the field provided

12. Make sure Use secure connection and Verify Certificate is checked

13. Click OK

14. Setup is complete. You can now access your GCC email from the Email App. It may take a few minutes to pull messages over.