Campus Technology
GCC Email (Webmail)

You can access your GCC Email (referred to as Webmail) by logging onto the Portal and clicking the Webmail icon at the top right.

Each student has a unique email address. Your email address is, using your GCC Username to replace "USERNAME" (i.e. - John Doe's email address might be or

It is important to check your email often as it is one of the primary ways GCC and your instructors communicate with you.

You can also access your GCC Email with your mobile device. Click on the appropriate link below to learn how to setup email on your mobile device:


  • Your eLearning email is NOT the same as your GCC email (Webmail). The same rule applies for your instructor, so please confirm with your instructor the desired method of communication.

  • You can't setup your GCC email to automatically forward to your personal email address.
    • NOTE: Even though you may be able to setup a rule in OWA, if your GCC email becomes full it will no longer forward email to your personal email address.

  • There is an automatic clean-up that runs weekly that will delete your older emails. If you have an important email you want to hold on to, manually forward it to your personal email address.