Campus Technology
IT Services

Please see the following IT services and features:

Each student has their own personal H drive that acts as a temporary storage location for digital files. It is not accessible off-campus and should be used only for college-related material. You can access the H drive by logging onto a campus computer (classroom, open lab, etc.), clicking My Computer and choosing the (H:) drive under Network Drives. Your H drive will display your GCC Username next to it.

There is an open wireless network available in every building on campus. When on campus, you can connect to the GCC-Guest network on your mobile wireless device. You will need to provide an email address to connect.

Smart Classrooms are classrooms that contain permanent technology (projectors, computers, DVD/VCR units) which provide students with a heightened learning experience. Classrooms without permanent technology can have a mobile unit delivered so technology is never far from the classroom.