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Want to enter the Information Technology field as a Network Administrator / Network Engineer? The Computer Network Management Program at GCC can get you there. Our program, started in 1998, has already successfully placed many graduates either in the field or in Bachelor Degree programs at colleges such as Drexel University. Our students range from right out of high school, to the middle age student seeking a career change, to Networking / IT industry employees who wish to obtain a college degree to complement their years of industry experience. 

Our program includes 9-core courses in Network Design and Management. These nine course have been developed specifically for this program, and are only offered to students within the program. These courses are all part of an integrated format, which when taken together provides a complete and specifically designed education package in the Networking Field.  A student can take choose to take the core courses only (along with one or two other specified GCC courses) and receive a college “Certificate” in Network Management, or   follow the associate degree curriculum, and earn Associates Degree in Applied Science in Network Management

Are there Network Management jobs? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics - Occupational Outlook, growth in Network and System Administrator jobs are projected to grow much faster than the average job market, making this field  the best field for college graduates.  Due to our close proximity to Philadelphia, Cherry Hill, Mt. Laurel (all considered to have a high concentration of such IT career opportunities), salaries are competitive and should be investigated by potential candidates of this program through online salary surveys and job postings on career advertising web sites.

What types of jobs would be available to a graduate in the Networking Field?

  • IT Specialist - They ensure that the main working body of a company has the Information Technology tools and resources available to them and working at a high level of efficiency. Resources include email, internet access, centralized database of company information, and printing services, etc.
  • Security Specialist - behind the scenes operations including securing the network from internet intruders and corporate information theft
  • Network Design Specialist - keeps stems upgraded with the latest technology.

Since new technologies are constantly being created, new fields within Network Management continue to emerge. One recent field is the opportunity to work on the Wide Area Network infrastructure for one of the big telecom providers such as Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T. Due to the competitive nature of the industry of providing television, telephone and internet access, the stakes are high, and these companies will be in a constant state of development for years to come. This amounts to many career opportunities in Network Technology that are considered to be at the high end of this field, in terms of technical knowledge and salary scale.