Paperless Billing
GCC to "go green" with paperless billing in Spring 2012

Starting Spring 2012 GCC’s Business Office will no longer mail paper bills.  Students can view or pay their bill by logging in to the GCC Portal.

The following FAQs should help answer most of your questions with this new process:

How do I find my balance due?example bill

  • Visit the GCC Website and log onto the GCC Portal.
  • Click on the “Academics” tab.
  • Within the "View or Pay My Bill" channel, click "Account Summary by Term".

NOTE: You can print this page to keep this bill for your records. If you make a payment, you should print the confirmation page as your receipt.

What are the methods of payment?

  • Please click HERE to view the different payment options.

What happens if my payment is late?

  • Late payments can result in classes being dropped for non-payment, additional fees, holds on your student account, and/or collection attempts for the outstanding balance.

Where can I learn more about your refund policy?

  • Please click HERE to view our refund policy.

Who can I contact with questions?

  • Please click HERE to use the Business Office Contact Us form, or
  • Contact Katie DeMartino, Assistant Bursar in the Business Office at (856) 468-5000, ext 6615 or call the Business Office directly at 856-415-2226.