Immunization Policy
New Jersey State Law requires that New Jersey colleges and universities maintain records of students’ immunization against measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) and hepatitis B. All full-time students are required to complete and return to the Office of Admissions the Immunization Record Form that is found in the student’s acceptance packet. Full-time students (enrolled in 12 or more credits) must submit proof of a second MMR booster vaccination. Students born before 1957 are exempt from this regulation, and under certain circumstances, students may be exempt because of medical or religious reasons; however, they must provide documentation in order to substantiate such exemptions. The College does not provide immunizations.

Acceptable forms of immunization records include:

  • Copy of immunization records from a doctor’s office
  • Copy of immunization records from a school nurse
  • Copy of previous college immunization records
  • Completed GCC immunization records form signed my physician

Download the Immunization Record Form.

Health Requirements for Nursing, Allied Health Students
Upon acceptance to the Nursing and Allied Health programs, students are required to submit a health packet provided by GCC. Components of the health packet include a complete physical examination by the student’s licensed healthcare provider. Students must provide documentation confirming immunizations or titers validating immunity for Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR, Hepatitis B [series of three immunizations]) and Varicella. Also required is Tetanus Toxiod and Mantoux (TB), laboratory tests include urinalysis and complete blood count. All health requirements and clinical requirements are discussed in the information sessions. Students are responsible for all fees associated with health and clinical requirements.

Emergency Medical Procedures
Emergency medical assistance should be obtained by dialing 911 for any individual believed to be seriously ill or injured.

College security personnel should also be called at extension 4444, 6287, or by using one of the blue-light emergency phones located throughout the campus.