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High School Students: Design Your Future

When building or constructing something new, two things are necessary:

  • a well thought out plan
  • a solid foundation.

Why should a career be any different?


Hs Student who went thru HSOP
Natalie Qunidlen

who is starting college
as a junior!

Using the resources available through the Rowan College at Gloucester County (RCGC) Center for College and Career Readiness, high school students can develop plans and gain the knowledge needed to create a blueprint for a successful career.

An “Education Architect” will design a personalized blueprint for success, specifically created based on each student’s personality, aptitude and career interest.
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Students have an opportunity to optimize their time in high school by earning college credits in a variety of academic programs developed to strengthen aptitude and knowledge, as well as support future career goals.


High School students may take general education courses that can be applied to an RCGC degree program or easily transferred to other colleges/universities.  Students who elect to transfer their credits to another institution must request an official RCGC transcript*** to be sent for credit transfer consideration.

Typical HSOP Courses
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Full Tuition & Fees
for College Students
(not applicable to HS students)

HSOP Tuition & Fees
for High School Students
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Requirements for High School and Home-schooled Students:

    • Must be age 15 or older to participate
    • Submit a High School Participation Form** and $20.00 application fee* to the Admissions Office
    • Satisfy prerequisites (including testing for English, mathematics and science courses)

Upon High School graduation, students must satisfy the placement test prior to registration.


  • At RCGC:
    Register in person in the Student Services building.  Check in at the Information Center with a photo ID (photo ID is required).

  • At High School:
    Group Registration events are often held at the Gloucester County high schools; please check with your high school Guidance Office.

Option Two:

The college credit you earn through HSOP may qualify as a high school graduation requirement through the Option Two experience. 

Option Two provides meaningful and relevant educational experiences with opportunities for students to explore and achieve at high levels.  Contact the high school Guidance Office for more information on Option Two.

    If you would like more information on how you can participate in HSOP, which allows you to earn college credits while in high school, please make an appointment to sit down with our Education Architect by calling 856-415-2232.

Frequently Asked Questions

*$20 non-refundable lifetime application fee required
**Includes written permission from parent/guardian and guidance counselor
***Request official transcript from Student Records – requires $5 processing fee


Students can earn up to 16 college credits by successfully completing AP examinations.  Credits may apply to an RCGC degree program. 


  • Score a 3, 4, or 5 on the CollegeBoard™ AP examination
  • Have your AP exam scores reviewed for transfer of credit by completing the following steps:
    • Complete the RCGC Application for Admissions and enroll in at least one course at RCGC.
    • Submit an official copy of your high school transcript
    • Submit an official AP score report or copy of your score report
    • Complete and submit the “Transfer of College Credit Request Form
    • For your convenience, the form is available at the Office of Admissions, located in the Student Services building, or online. Access the Transfer of College Credit Request Form.
    • Refer to the CollegeBoard™ AP Course Equivalents page to see how your AP exam scores will transfer to RCGC.
    • Once all required documentation has been received, AP scores will be evaluated for transfer of credit into RCGC.
       New Students: Evaluation results are preliminary.  Credits will become official on the 10th day of classes in the first semester you are enrolled at RCGC.
      Current Students: Evaluation results will be added to your RCGC transcript immediately upon completion of request.

+Transfer grades are not included in the RCGC cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA).
+The College President shall periodically revise the administrative rules and regulations applying to transfer procedures. (Policy 8112)

If you would like more information on how you earn college credit by successfully completing an AP examination, please make an appointment to sit down with an Education Architect scheduling an appointment by calling 856-415-2232.


Customized Program Articulation is a collaboration between RCGC and area high schools to help better prepare students for transfer into career-oriented programs of study such as drafting, graphic arts, law enforcement, business, computer science and allied health.  A maximum of one college course (up to 4 credits) may be awarded through CPA.

To Receive Credit:

  • Complete customized program of study coursework (according to school’s CPA) with final grade of B or higher in all classes associated with the CPA
  • After graduation, submit completed Credit by Articulation form to RCGC Office of Admissions with official high school transcript. This includes the recommendation from the high school teacher or guidance counselor
  • Submit a RCGC application and take the basic skills placement test
  • Enroll at RCGC full-time (12 credits) within two years of high school graduation
  • The CPA course will be posted as transfer credits to student’s RCGC transcript during first semester of full-time enrollment at RCGC

Participating High Schools:

  • Clearview Regional High School
  • Delsea Regional High School
  • Glassboro High School
  • Kingsway Regional High School
  • Washington Township High School
  • Williamstown High School

If you would like more information on how you can participate in CPA, which allows you to earn college credits while in high school, please make an appointment to sit down with an Education Architect by calling 856-415-2232.



Rowan College at Gloucester County, in collaboration with Gloucester County high schools, offers students the opportunity to develop skills and acquire the knowledge necessary to succeed in college before high school graduation.  Educational foundation courses in reading, writing, and mathematics allow students to address learning limitations and skill gaps that may hinder college academic performance, saving valuable time and money.


Educational foundation courses will run Monday through Thursday from 9 AM – 11 AM between June 30, 1014 and July 31, 2014.

Educational foundation courses will be accompanied by a weekly series of “Student Success” workshops which will run until 12 PM one day a week.

The program will be free* of charge for students who are selected on a first come first serve basis.  Seats are limited.

*The Rowan College at Gloucester County Summer Bridge Program for 2014 is sponsored by the New Jersey Department of Education’s Task Force on College and Career Readiness, New Jersey Council of County Colleges and New Jersey Secretary of Higher Education.


  • Recommendation from high school Guidance Counselor
  • Submit Summer Bridge High School Participation Form, high school transcripts, and standardized test scores.
  • Take the ACCUPLACER, placement exam

Summer Bridge FAQ
If you would like more information on how you can participate in the RCGC Summer Bridge Program, please call 856.415.2232.

Workshops offered on the RCGC campus and at area high schools are available to help both students and parents prepare for college and future careers.

Workshops that are currently available:

Professional development certificates offer students the opportunity to acquire technical training and develop marketable job skills for the workforce.  Some age restrictions may apply.  Courses can be taken in the senior year or upon high school graduation.


  • CPR
  • Customer Service Training
  • Global Logistic Associate Program
  • Hospitality Training
  • Microsoft Office Specialist
  • Professional Medical Billing & Coding
  • ServSafe Food Safety Manager Training

If you would like more information on how you can participate in Career Certification Courses, please call 856-415-2232.


The Jump Start Program (formally known as On-Site Admission Program) provides a seamless transition from high school to college.
The Jump Start Program includes:

  • Junior Presentation
    • RCGC visits the high schools to explain the advantages of attending RCGC
  • Senior Presentation
    • Complete the RCGC application & learn about the ACCUPLACER, placement test
  • “Get on the Bus”
    • Complete the ACCUPLACER on the RCGC campus
  • Specialized Registration
    • Meet with an Academic Advisor to select college courses
  • New Student Orientation
    • Meet RCGC faculty and students

2014 graduates, please follow the steps provided to enroll at RCGC through the current On-Site Admission Program: On-Site Admission Program

Visit the Recruitment Calendar to learn when RCGC will be at your high school.

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