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hgjfThe primary responsibility for the programs and services of the Gloucester County Educational Campus, Safety and Security Department’s Crime Prevention Unit rests with crime prevention and a Security Training Specialist. The goal of the unit is to increase community awareness about the risk of campus crime through crime prevention services, tips and alerts, and to generate a sense of personal responsibility in each individual to remove or reduce criminal opportunities.

The Safety and Security Department makes every effort to see that criminal activity does not occur on the Gloucester County Educational Campus. However, not all crime can be prevented. When a crime does occur, officers will file a report immediately and begin working on ways to prevent the same incident from happening again.

The Crime Prevention Specialist conducts seminars every school year, discussing security procedures and practices, personal and community safety, any problem students may have, and means to satisfactorily resolve them. It is important that all students know they must always be responsible for their personal safety and be aware of their surroundings

. Preventive measures can be taken to keep students from endangering themselves and others. The Safety and Security Department takes all of these measures seriously. The following are just a few of the services offered by the Crime Prevention unit:

  • Provides crime prevention publications, literature and materials to the Gloucester County Educational Campus community.
  • Does crime prevention presentations before Gloucester County College organizations, departments and groups on a variety of topics.
  • Provides timely information of current criminal activity to the community through Crime Alerts.
  • Notifies organizations, departments and individuals of security violations that pose a crime risk.
Campus Safety and Security Department Office Non-Emergency Numbers
  • Dial Ext. 4444 from a campus-based telephone
  • Dial (856) 681-6287 from an off-campus telephone