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Crime Prevention & Safety

Crime Reporting & Clery Act

Students, faculty and staff all have the right to a crime-free campus. Yet a "get tough" approach, including increasing the number of officers, with more restrictions and control goes against the basic concept of the Gloucester County College as an open environment. Such an environment is a place for individuals to experience new ideas, new friends and independence — Campus Watch is an alternative.

Campus Watch asks students, faculty and staff to look out for each other's welfare, to be alert to anything that threatens the quality of campus life, and to report all suspicious activities, emergencies, and other concerns to someone who can take action.


Campus Safety and Security Department Office Non-Emergency Numbers
  • Dial Ext. 4444 from a campus-based telephone
  • Dial (856) 464-5207 from an off-campus telephone
  • Dial (609) 868-3963 from an off campus telephone to obtain the mobile patrol officer