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Crime Reporting & Clery Act

Any person receiving obscene, harassing phone calls should report each incident to the Campus Safety and Security Department. Security personnel will work with Information Technology Services to identify the source of any further calls of a troubling nature. If a student or employee is identified as the caller, appropriate disciplinary action or criminal charges will follow. All persons receiving harassing or obscene calls are encouraged to keep a log of the dates and times of the calls to further aid in the identification of the offending party.

Members of the Gloucester County Educational Campus community who receive threatening, annoying mail or email messages are also encouraged to contact Campus Safety for assistance.

Obscene Phone Calls
  • Hang up as soon as you realize the nature of the call. Do not try to find out who the caller is, and do not show any reaction. Note the time, what the caller said, a description of the voice, and any background noises.
  • Advise an instructor or campus administrator. Report the incident immediately to Campus Security. From an emergency phone, press the blue button for security. Talk into the speaker. Give your exact location and state the nature of your call.


Campus Safety and Security Department Office Non-Emergency Numbers
  • Dial Ext. 4444, from a campus-based telephone
  • Dial (856) 464-5207 from an off-campus telephone
  • Dial (609) 868-3963 from an off-campus telephone to obtain the mobile patrol officer