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Every member of the campus is required to have a valid Gloucester County Educational Campus Photograph Identification Card. To obtain your ID, go to the library. Before being issued an ID card you must produce proof of enrollment.

Report all lost, damaged or stolen identification cards immediately to the Campus Security Office. There is a replacement charge of $10.

Your ID card will serve for the entire time that you are at the Gloucester County Educational Campus. It will serve as a library card and primary identification as a member of the campus. Note: Your ID card must be in your possession at all times while on campus in order to be produced when requested by a security officer, faculty member, administrator, or any other official of the educational campus.

Campus Safety and Security Department Office Non-Emergency Numbers
  • Dial Ext. 4444 from a campus-based telephone
  • Dial (856) 681-6287 from an off-campus telephone