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Business Office: Book Vouchers

Book vouchers, which are electronic, will be available only during book voucher periods. The availability of book vouchers will depend on when the student’s aid is completed and posted in the system. Students who are eligible for book vouchers and whose aid is completed by established deadlines should go directly to the book store with their schedule and student ID.

When your book voucher expires, your account is adjusted to reflect the actual amount you spent at the book store using your book voucher. If your source of outside funding (i.e. grants, loans, third party contracts) does not pay, it is your responsibility to pay this charge.

If your FA is on your account by: Your Book Voucher will be available on:  
  12pm 1/9/2014   1/13/2014
  12pm 1/13/2014   1/15/2014
  12pm 1/15/2014   1/17/2014
  12pm 1/17/2014   1/21/2014
  12pm 1/23/2014     1/27/2014
  12pm 1/30/2014     2/3/2014
  12pm 2/6/2014     2/10/2014
  12pm 2/13/2014     2/17/2014
  12pm 2/20/2014     2/24/2014
All book vouchers expire on 2/28/14.    


What is a book voucher?
Book vouchers are given to students who have funding (i.e. grants, loans, scholarships, third party contracts) in excess of their bill.

When are they issued?
Book vouchers are typically issued one week before Fall and Spring semesters, and on the first day of the semester for Winter and Summer.

How much can I get?
Book voucher amounts are determined by the amount of credits you take and how much excess funding is available. The maximum amount a student can receive is:

12 or more credits  $1000.00
11 or less credits    $750.00

If you require a larger book voucher than the maximum amount, you must see someone in the Business Office.

How do I find out if I will receive a voucher?
During book voucher periods, you may find out the amount of your book voucher by checking your student account online or by contacting the Business Office. 

How do I check my student account online?
Log in to the GCC Portal – Click the “Self- Serv” icon at the top – Click “ Student & Registration Records” – Click “Student Account”  - click “ Account Summary by Term”

How do I get my voucher?
All GCC book vouchers are electronically sent to the bookstore. If you have a book voucher charge on your account during a book voucher period, you may go directly to the GCC bookstore with photo ID and your student schedule. If you do not have a book voucher and are eligible for one, please see the Business Office for further assistance.

Do I need to pick something from financial aid and take directly to the bookstore, or can it all be done online?
You do not have to pick anything up or get any physical voucher. Book vouchers are electronically sent to the bookstore. Students whose aid is completed by established deadlines should go directly to the book store with their schedule and student ID.

Can I purchase school supplies, such as notebooks and day planners at the book store with the allotted amount in my book voucher?
Yes, you can use your Financial Aid book voucher to purchase school supplies at the book store.