Student Services
Business Office: Holds

Business Office holds are restrictions applied to your student account limiting your access to information.

Past Due Hold
The most common reason Business Office holds are put on a student’s account is because the student owes a past due amount. This hold will prevent you from registering (adding or dropping courses), viewing grades, and sending transcripts. Once the past due amount is paid in full, the hold may be removed by contacting the Business Office. If you would like to drop a course within the appropriate drop period and have a past due hold on your account, you may drop your courses by completing and submitting a Schedule Change form to the Student Records department.

Restrictive Hold
Another type of hold the Business Office may put on your account is a restricted hold. This hold may prevent you from enrolling in the payment plan or could determine what payment method you are allowed to use. Once this hold is placed on your account, it cannot be removed.

Other Holds
Also, Business Office holds are placed on your account if you owe fines. Fines can include library fines, parking violations, and smoking citations. Once the debt has been satisfied, contact the Business Office to remove your hold.