Student Services
Business Office: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I pay my tuition online?
A: To make a payment online, follow these steps: Log into the Portal at, click the Academics tab, click the Account Summary by Term under View or Pay my Bill heading.

Q: I turned in an Out of County Chargeback Form for the spring semester about a month ago to admissions. However, I just got a bill for the spring semester and they are charging me out-of-county rates. Why is that?
A: Because of the add/drop period, tuition rates are adjusted after the tenth day of the semester. Students should pay the amount listed on their bill, and any reimbursement will be sent to the student after the tenth day of the semester.

Q: Can you do the payment plan for winter sessions also?
A: Unfortunately, there is no payment plan for the Winter session.

Q: Why is there a hold on my account? Who do I contact about it?
A: Please check with the business office concerning HOLDS. Other possibilities are Library HOLDS or HOLDS from any office you may owe a fine. Or, admissions if you never submitted a high school transcript.

Q: What is the Capital Construction fee?
A:The capital construction fee is a new fee that covers the costs of capital projects. This fee offsets the cost of repairs to existing structures, construction of new buildings, and also assists in covering the expense of improving and maintaining various areas of the college, such as parking lots and walkways.