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A displaced homemaker is anyone whose major source of financial support is lost through separation, divorce, death or disability of a spouse, and who is emotionally and / or vocationally unprepared to enter the job market. Displaced homemakers are often unaware of needed support and referral services. The Center also provides services to spouses of military personnel who are stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq when funding is available.

Confused? Not sure where to turn next? On a roller coaster ride due to changing circumstances in your life? Feeling like there is no light at the end of the tunnel? YOU ARE NOT ALONE! It may be time for you to call The Center for People in Transition to seek some assistance in getting off the roller coaster ride and finding light at the end of the tunnel.

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The Center  is externally funded through grants from the New Jersey Department of Children and Families, Division on Women (DOW) (since 1985), the United Way of Gloucester County (since 1988), Women’s Leadership Council of Gloucester County, Pascale Sykes Heart of Gloucester County, and Crossing Borders.

The College provides fiscal monitoring and space. The Center maintains a separate Advisory Board to assist with its functions.

Fast Facts

The Department of Children and Families Division on Women grant requires that People in Transition serve 100 new displaced homemaker clients a year. However, we regularly serve approximately 200 new clients each year and continue to serve approximately 175 on-going clients from previous years. 

  • Our life skills and informational workshops are open to the public and are attended by an additional 650 to 750 men and women a year.
  • The Center sends out by mail and email a quarterly newsletter describing all of the Center’s upcoming activities to approximately 4,000 clients, social service agencies, community based organizations, mental health and legal professionals. The Center strives to be responsive in a timely manner to each prospective client that calls for services.
  • Vast majority of services continue to be FREE OF CHARGE for displaced homemakers.
  • Vast majority of clients have successful outcomes as a result of seeking one on one services and / or attending workshops.
  • Over the last 25 years we estimate that we have served over 5,000 displaced homemakers, helping them to come to grips with the emotional trauma of separation, divorce, death or disability of a spouse.
  • Approximately an additional 17,500 people in the Gloucester County and surrounding areas have benefited from our legal, financial and life skills workshops and support groups.