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Dear Jeannie and Staff,
After 15 months of unemployment I have finally begun teaching full-time again here in Virginia. I'm working on-line, which is really new to me, but I'm learning a lot and adjusting to the differences between a virtual classroom and a brick-and-mortar one. My son and I have moved to Richmond and we like it. Timothy is looking forward to starting at St. Christopher's School, Richmond. (With a great scholarship.) I love getting the quarterly schedule of programs from PIT. Even though I don't live in New Jersey anymore, getting that e-mail reminds me of how much you did for me. When I left my husband in 2004, I had so few resources and absolutely no confidence. Going through some of your programs really gave me not only the practical skills I so desperately needed; it gave me confidence and encouragement to know that I WOULD be OK.
I moved to Virginia, thanks to you--who helped me face down a nasty ex-husband--and I have my teaching license at last. I got my license in August 2011--not soon enough to keep the job I had. But I have license in hand now and I'm happily teaching and living in Virginia. I'm also receiving my child support through the state, instead of begging the ex and relying on his pity. Going through some of the programs at People In Transition gave me skills I needed. I only wish I could come back to NJ and take some more of your great workshops! This thank you is inadequate and long overdue. I do wish you well with all the programs you offer. I have benefitted from them and "come out on the other side," so to speak. God bless you all for the invaluable work you do to help people like me, make the transitions we need to make.
Thank you sincerely,

People in Transition, I couldn’t do without you! Thank you so much for your assistance. What would a single mother do without the People in Transition program? I appreciate all the hard work and the way you advocate for people such as myself.


PIT Staff

People In Transititon staff from left to right: N.Hawn, Judy Atkinson (VP of Student Services),
J. LaBuz, and E. Adezio.

Thank you so much for the wonderful computer class.  What a great class we had, the teacher was wonderful and everyone was friendly and helpful.  I learned so much.  I am so grateful for everything you and everyone involved with people in transition do, to help us women.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 


Dear People in Transition:
Just wanted to say hello, and touch base with you. It's been a while, year. My daughter and I are doing well. She's very happy in her new school, and I have managed to start a new life up here in Secaucus. I'm close to my family and friends, and found a job in the city. It's a temporary job, but it pays well; and I'm still looking for something better. I had my final court date in September, and he was found guilty of assault; and sentenced to probation for one year, and mandatory anger management.  And, I still have in my possession my beloved restraining order against him. I have not had any problems, and I am so over it. I want to let you know that I will never forget how much you helped me through those devastating times. I appreciate all you did for my daughter, and I. You are a very special person.


I am moving forward. I feel so empowered. I am so very grateful to you and everyone in your office and everyone who has held a class at GCC. I don’t feel so uneducated now in divorce, separation and real estate issues. I was so lost not knowing where to begin. I know that my boys and I are going to be fine. I want to thank you for listening without judging me and for showing me compassion when I needed it most. I hope to pay that forward.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Hello, my name is Lee. Several years ago I came to People in Transition as a displaced homemaker seeking advice during an incredibly low point in my life.  My marriage to my disabled husband was on thin ice, and I was in no way prepared to go it alone with a young child. At the time, I was a stay at home mom with minimal skills and no knowledge on how to get back into the workplace. My self esteem was at an all time low. Little did I know that when I walked through the door of The Center for People in Transition that would be the beginning of my path to a really bright future. With the help of Jeannie, Sue and Nancy I was able to receive supportive counseling, financial budgeting information, attend several workshops on life skills seminars, and take an inventory of my skills through the Briggs-Myers Personality test. Through this test, I was able to identify a career in Education.  I started to feel empowered and took this information to the next step.  I was able to obtain some grants, financial aid and got back into college to pursue a degree in Education. Currently I am only a few credits away from receiving my associate’s degree in Education. Without the help of People in Transition, I really don’t know where I would have turned. Their caring commitment, dedication and sincere compassion are a true blessing. I couldn’t be more grateful for everything they have done for me. They have been there for me every step of the way.

I suppose I am one of the PIT success stories……after taking the computer courses you offered, I was selected for a promotion in the company I was working for at the time. Two months after I was promoted, the company was sold and I was one of six employees that received an offer for a position with this company. Once hired, my salary almost doubled to put me in line with the other supervisors within the company. It has been a wonderful four years here. I actually love my job. I work with excel spread sheets daily and I just recently took over all of the security – system and building access. This is going to prove very interesting
After taking the courses at the college and putting my trust in God, I feel very blessed. Also, my daughter is currently enrolled over at GCC.

Thank you to you and all of the staff over there for helping people like me.


People in Transition should be commended for their commitment to help displaced homemakers. I am a separated mom of one child. I was at the end of my emotional ladder the day I saw the ad for People in Transition in the Gloucester County Times. I called and they listened and  provided me with solid advice and guidance. I was treated like family.  They encouraged and supported me when I was desperate for help. They made me see that I am an important individual, capable of achieving goals.
I am currently doing well in my second year at Gloucester County College. People in Transition provided  me with constant support and offered classes to help me improve my current status, so I could get back on track for a successful future.  I truly believe their influence gave me the courage I needed to make positive changes in my life.  I would have never dreamed that there was a valuable non-profit program that caters to women.  I hope People in Transition continue their phenomenal work. The women in charge really make a difference!  I am living proof that they are a successful and needed organization for women today. 

The People in Transition program was an absolute God send for me. Transitioning into certain stages in our lives can be extremely difficult. This program and its classes gave me much needed support and knowledge to emerge myself back into the business world and to know that I would be okay. The staff treated me with such dignity and respect. Thank you so much for your services! I am forever grateful for this program!


I want to thank the People In Transition staffs especially Jeannie,Nancy,Sue for all their unselfish support to me. They are very accommodating and sympathetic to my problems and they do what they can do to help me. I'm now starting to regain myself back as a person I used to be! Thank you very much.


During a period of time when I lost my husband, my house and the security that had sheltered me in the previous years, PIT helped me rebuild my life.  Like true builders they started with the foundation, and helped patch up the holes in my self esteem and self confidence.  They then moved on and equipped with the tools I needed to rebuild my new life.  These tools included counseling, a resume and eventually a job.  My children and I are now happy and safe and I am prepared for any future storms that come my way.  Thank you People in Transition!


Unfortunately there is no panacea for the displaced homemaker, but People in Transition comes close to fitting the bill.  The staff continues to amaze me with their breadth of resources.  With my varied and constantly changing needs, it is reassuring to know that PIT is there to help me make informed choices.  Whether I need a "that's a girl" or a detailed action plan or just a sympathetic ear, someone is there to happily oblige.  Non-judgmental and nurturing in their approach, the staff is steadfast in supporting their 'family.'  I only wish I sought their guidance earlier in my transition.

People In Transition provided me with a life support system at a time in my life when things were very difficult. Dealing with a divorce after 18 years of marriage, having to return to the workforce after being a stay-at-home mom for 14 years, and beginning life as a college student at the age of 43 were some of the tough hurdles that I had to personally overcome.  The People In Transition office came to my rescue.  Just knowing there was someone who greeted me with a smile when I went to their office, assisted in the writing of my resume, helped me register for my first college classes, or acted as my counselor when I needed a shoulder to cry on or an ear for listening, made a significant difference to me.  Thanks to them, I have made it through some of the most tumultuous and trying times of my life.  I never hesitate to continue to seek their advice or refer someone who I believe could use their service!


I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the valuable contributions both you and your colleagues make through your involvement with The Center for People In Transition. Your presence on campus here at Gloucester County College not only offers readily accessible services to those of us pursuing higher education, but also allows for immediate results in areas reaching far beyond the academic realm.  As a displaced homemaker, gift cards for food, reconnection of utilities, books, and scholarships are just several examples of the level of commitment you and your staff make to the student population as a whole. 

It is my hope to finally graduate in the Spring, 2008 and I wanted to thank you personally for believing in me and offering a helping hand when I needed it most.


I feel that People in Transition, helped me in several ways. I was able to sign up and take classes that deals with self esteem which helped assist me in knowing how not to beat myself up or putting too many high expectations on myself. In addition to that I was able to take advantage of a computer class which introduced me back to the basics.  I also really appreciate the new school bags and supplies that were provided for my three children.


I contacted People in Transition during a very low point in my divorce.  I had left my job as a New Jersey State Trooper a few years prior to stay at home with my family and then was faced with having to go back to work in order to support myself and my children.  I was really intimidated because I had been out of the work force for 5 years.  Jeanne LaBuz sat down with me as if I were her own daughter and shoved confidence inside of me.  We started at scratch to see what it was that I "wanted to do".  Jeanne followed up with me consistently and still does today almost 2 years later.  I now have a federal job working for the United States Marine Corps and I absolutely love it.  I have never been so happy to go to work.  Thank you Jeanne for sticking with me.


The staff and the resources that were available through People in Transition were invaluable to me in the navigation of the unknown waters of the divorce process. The staff is very compassionate and helpful and the workshops were extremely informative and beneficial.  I took advantage of all that PIT had to offer which, I feel, made me better prepared to face my divorce from a legal, financial, and emotional perspective. I was even able to use the computer skills I learned in the Computer Workshop to create spreadsheets of financial information for the divorce paperwork I had to complete. 

I am totally thankful for my friends in Gloucester County College. While in the midst of a horrible divorce and not knowing where to start or go, a friend of mine recommend I start with People in Transition. Beside the fact that the people there were so friendly and understanding, I was encouraged with tools that helped me find my way. If it were not for their insight and support I don’t believe I would have been able to find myself hope and direction again. Thank you Jeannie for your support!


I would like very much to contribute to what I think about People in Transition.
You were a very strong influence in encouraging me to complete my high school education;
the feeling of accomplishment was wonderful and so rewarding.(Thank You Jeanne!)
People in Transition also helped me obtain computer knowledge and other skills.
The program  helped me to format  a resume and also helped with the cost of faxing  them.
I was also able to take some classes in personal development, which were so helpful and encouraging. I always look forward to the classes that are offered. I would be sad and at a lost if this program no longer existed.

Ellsie C 

Four years after running away from an abusive marriage, I was still afraid of him. I had lost my confidence. Even though I was college-educated, I didn't have enough courage and self-esteem to find a full-time job that used my talents. I went to PIT for help with my resume, and what I got was much, much more. I got my life back. The staff was professional, helpful, encouraging, and walked with me EVERY small step I took toward independence. Thanks to their help, I not only rewrote my resume, I found the job of my dreams, I got the advice I needed to be able to move to another town, and finally I am working at a job that pays me enough to make a good life for myself and my son. I couldn't have done this on my own. The PIT "divorce recovery" seminar I took gave me the coping skills to begin living in the present. The PIT counselors helped me professionally, personally, and emotionally. I'm facing a bright future and I'm not afraid anymore.


My name is Sue and I will be forever grateful to the People in Transition program at GCC for helping me through the most difficult and devastating period of my life. Through the one-on-one conversations and various workshops, the wonderful and caring individuals associated with this program provided me with everything necessary to enable me to begin a new and rewarding part of my life. Whether it was a gentle hug, an open ear or a lead on a job opening, their patience and understanding were invaluable to me.