Student Services
Special Services: Test Request Form

Students who are eligible to receive testing accommodations may wish to take their tests/quizzes in Special Services.  Students must schedule an appointment for each test or quiz that they wish to take in Special Services.  The test or quiz must be scheduled 24 hours in advance of the actual DATE and TIME that the student will be taking the test.  Anyone who does NOT schedule an appointment at least 24 HOURS PRIOR to the actual DATE and TIME of the test WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO TAKE THE TEST IN SPECIAL SERVICES.  Instead, students will be required to take the test with their class.

Please complete the test request form below:

  First Name
  Last Name
  Contact Number
  GCC Email
  Date of Test
  Time of Test
  Course Name

Instructor's Name

  Instructor's Email

In addition to completing the form, the student is also responsible for informing his/her instructor that he/she wishes to complete a test or quiz in the Special Needs Department.