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Undeclared Students : Welcome
Welcome to Advising Designed Specifically for Undeclared/Undecided Students
Undeclared Students

Don’t let indecisiveness delay your exploration of possible majors. 

The Advising for Undeclared Students at Gloucester County College (GCC) was implemented in the Fall semester of 2010 in response to a growing awareness of the special needs of students who enter GCC with the desire to explore academic majors and related careers before committing to a major program of study and to those students who are undecided about what major to pursue.

Through individual appointments, workshops, and GCC’s Introduction to College Studies or Student Success courses, the advisor assist undeclared/undecided students with the following:

  • Self-Assessment
  • Establishing and evaluating academic goals
  • Exploring academic majors and related careers
  • Connecting with additional GCC’s programs and resources

Choosing A Major
Click HERE to learn more about how to choose a major.

Selecting a major that is a good fit for you is a process of exploring and learning more about:

  • Yourself - What are your interests? What is your preferred work environment?
  • Possible majors - by learning more about yourself, you will be able to identify possible majors of interest.  Then from this list you will select possible majors of interest.
  • Career - Once you have learned more about yourself and selected possible majors to consider, then you can learn how the majors can be related to various careers.
Contact Us:
Dr. Lois Lawson-Briddell

Dr. Lois Y. Lawson-Briddell, Director of Undeclared/Undecided Students can help you discover who you are, your interests, and identify exploratory courses in different fields that will fulfill requirements for a variety of majors. She would love to meet with you to discuss all the resources available to help you with your decision.

Make an appointment, and let us help you explore academic and career choices. Call 856-415-2243 or email