Gloucester County College Summer Camp Announcement

In case you haven’t heard, exciting changes are taking place at Gloucester County College! In January, the College signed a premier partnership agreement with Rowan University closely aligning the two institutions in an effort to make higher education opportunities more available and affordable in South Jersey. To better reflect the significance of this enhanced relationship, GCC is changing its name to Rowan College at Gloucester County on July 1.

As the College focuses on ways to increase and improve learning opportunities for students, special attention is being given to better prepare high school students for the future through college readiness resources, including a summer bridge program. With this initiative comes a change to Summer Camp Connections.

For more than 20 years, GCC has held summer camps on its Deptford campus making learning a fun, stimulating experience for children.  Beginning this summer, Summer Camp Connections will no longer be available at GCC as the College moves to offer more high school programs. The College staff and camp counselors thank the parents and the campers for their loyalty and support.