The Tutoring Center is looking for outstanding GCC students to join its staff of peer tutors!  Here are just some of the benefits:

  • A flexible work schedule. 
  • Reinforce your knowledge of subject matter.
  • Strengthen your problem solving and communication skills. 
  • Looks good on your résumé.  Helps demonstrate a proven record of job responsibility to potential employers.
  • The opportunity to make a valuable contribution to the GCC community.
  • The opportunity to meet other outstanding GCC students and make new friends.


  • You must have earned an “A” in the course you wish to tutor.
  • You must be recommended by a GCC professor.
  • You must maintain good academic standing while working as a peer tutor.

How to apply:
Applications are available at the front desk of Tutoring Services, located above the bookstore in Room 601.  Please complete the application in the center and give to the front desk staff.  Applications are kept on file for one year.