Q. Where is The Tutoring Services Center located?
Tutoring Services is located in LRC room 601 & 602, above the bookstore.  All tutoring sessions are here by well-trained and qualified tutors.

Q. Do I need an appointment?
Although an appointment is strongly suggested, you may drop in anytime for assistance. 

Q. Does the service cost me anything?
No! The service is free of charge and open to all students who are currently enrolled in credited courses at GCC.

Q. I’ve never been to a tutoring center before.  What do I do when I get there?
Tutoring Services at GCC is easy to use.  You simply come see the front desk staff.  They’ll ask you to log in at the computer, so you will need to know your Student ID number.  Then you’re ready to work with an available tutor.  

Q. If I use the Tutoring Services once, am I making a commitment to using it all semester?
No.  Students may use Tutoring Services as many or as few times as they need.  Some students find that one visit is all it takes to clarify a concept and get them back on track.  Students who are struggling with a difficult subject or major may choose to sit with a tutor on a regular basis.

Q. I work during the day.  Is the Tutoring Center open in the evening or on weekends?
The Center’s hour vary by semester.  Check the posted schedule for the evening hours for your subject. 

Q. Will there always be tutors available for my particular course?
We make every effort to develop a tutoring schedule that provides as many available hours as possible for as many courses as possible.  The staff will be here during posted hours to answer questions, give schedule information, or schedule appointments.  Please feel free to call or come by during our posted hours.

Q. Will I always be tutored one-on-one?
Tutoring Services policy is that most appointments are open to a maximum of 2 students.  If the Center is very busy, a tutor may choose to form groups with students from the same course.

Q. What should I bring with me when I come to Tutoring?
You should bring your textbook, notebook, assignment and a pen or pencil.  The tutors will challenge you to think and actively participate in the session. Be prepared with specific questions and concepts that are giving you trouble.

Q. I've gotten behind in my work - will a tutor review an entire chapter with me?
Tutors do not teach or review entire chapters for you.  The tutor will work with you on specific questions or problems from your coursework that you find difficult. 

Q. If I'm doing well in my class, can Tutoring help me do even better?
We hope so! The Tutoring Center is a learning enhancement center designed to assist students who are having difficulty in a course and those who are doing well. Students doing well may need to fine tune concepts or practice new concepts.

Q. When should I come for tutoring?
You should seek tutoring as soon as you are starting to have trouble with a course. Do not get behind in your course. Students who wait until the last minute to come for tutoring will likely gain little from the experience. That's because tutoring is a process that enhances a student's understanding over time. It is not a quick fix.

Q. Must I get tutored the entire time I am at Tutoring Services?
Appointments are generally an hour in length.  You may use as much of that hour as you need. You may come to Tutoring Services to study or use one of our computers.

Q. How can I become a tutor?
Students thinking about becoming a tutor must meet certain criteria.  Please refer to the section on "Interested in Becoming a Tutor?"