Orientations to Tutoring Services are available for all classes, but it would be especially beneficial for All Developmental, College Study, and Student Success courses. We want all students to be aware of the services available.  We also offer orientations for New Faculty.  Please call Carol @ 856-415-2248 or send email to cmegliol@gccnj.edu.

Refer an individual student for tutoring
Please use this Tutor Referral Form to refer a student for tutoring in the Tutoring Center. Please print form, complete and sign.  Instructors can either bring or send the completed form via interoffice mail to the Center.  When tutoring session has been completed, the form will be returned to you with the tutor’s notes attached.

Referrals by Developmental Reading Instructors
Please use the Tutoring Services Referral for Reading 099, 077, 033 form. Please print form, complete, sign, and bring to the Center. Instructors may also send form through interoffice mail. 

Presentations to classroom or academic departments about services are available to faculty and students.  Please contact Carol @ 856-415-2248 or send email cmegliol@gccnj.edu if you would like a Tutoring Services representative visit your classroom to introduce students to the Center.

Review Sessions
Review Sessions will be scheduled before mid-term and final exams for MAT-010 & MAT-050.  Please contact Carol @ 856-415-2248 or send email to cmegliol@gccnj.edu to inquire about scheduling of these review sessions.

Take Home Exam Policy
Tutors are instructed not to help students with take-home tests.  Most students who pursue tutoring do so for valid reasons, some may request help with problems from a take-home exam.  In spite of our best efforts, we cannot prevent this misuse of our services without your help.  If you give any such assignments that you will allow your students to receive tutorial support, please contact Carol by phone (856) 415-2248 or send an email to cmegliol@gccnj.edu.

Study Groups
Study Groups will be offered to students on a weekly basis each semester.  A tutor will facilitate the group for 2 hours.  The group will meet each week at the same time and same day. Groups of three or more students can organize a group with a tutor by completing the Study Group Request Form and brining it to the center.

Faculty can strongly suggest that their students join study groups.  If you have any questions, please call (856) 681-6250.

To Recommend a student to be a Tutor
Tutoring Services relies on instructors to recommend academically successful students to be tutors in the Center. Please use this Tutor Recommendation Form for any student you feel would make a great tutor. As always, thank you for supporting our mission of assisting GCC student to academic success.